Last year, I wrote an article titled: “6 Fun Ways to Spend Your Bitcoin.”

These businesses include coffee shops, sports teams and travel websites.

Since then, additional companies have warmed up to bitcoin and other cryptos.

One example is movie theater chain AMC.

In November, it started accepting cryptos as payment for movie tickets.

There’s a brand-new way to spend your crypto holdings. And it’s run by one of the world’s biggest payment companies…

AMC’s move is helping crypto go mainstream.

But most companies still don’t take cryptocurrencies as payment.

Fortunately, there’s a brand-new way to spend your crypto holdings.

And it’s run by one of the world’s biggest payment companies…

A New Way to Pay

On Wednesday, April 13, Mastercard launched the world’s first crypto-backed payment card.

The card is a collaboration with Nexo, a crypto lending firm.

Mastercard launched the world’s first crypto-backed payment card

Shoppers can use the Nexo Card if they hold crypto in a Nexo account.

It allows purchases of up to 90% of their crypto account’s value.

Nexo then uses the crypto holdings as collateral to make sure it gets paid back.

It’s essentially a credit card with a 0% interest rate and no minimum payments or fees.

And best of all, the Nexo Card works anywhere that takes Mastercard.

That means it’s accepted at 92 million merchants worldwide.

Plus, users get 2% crypto rewards back on every purchase.

Those rewards are paid out as either bitcoin or Nexo tokens.

A Practical Choice for Shopping

Another benefit of the Nexo Card is that it works almost instantly.

That’s because Mastercard can process 5,000 transactions a second.

In comparison, the bitcoin network can only handle five transactions a second.

So the Nexo Card is 1,000 times faster than bitcoin.

3 Payment Options: Mastercard, Visa and Bitcoin

3 Payment Options: Mastercard, Visa and Bitcoin

(Source: TechBullion.)

That makes the Nexo Card a practical choice for shopping.

After all, if you’re buying a cup of coffee, you want the process to be quick.

No one wants to stand there waiting for their bitcoin payment to go through.

Cryptos Are Disrupting the Entire Financial Industry

Right now, the Nexo Card is only available in Europe.

But it will eventually launch worldwide.

Nexo co-founder Antoni Trenchev says the card will offer “unprecedented everyday utility” for cryptos.

And it’s just one example of how cryptos are disrupting the $100 trillion global finance industry.

In fact, there’s one crypto — Ian King calls it the “Next Gen Coin” — that will soon become faster and cheaper than any credit card.

Right now, only 1% of the world knows this coin exists … but that will soon change.

Ian just released a special presentation sharing his latest research on this incredible crypto.

You can watch it now by clicking here.



Jay Goldberg

Assistant Managing Editor, Banyan Hill Publishing

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