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Beware the Stock Market’s Growth Stock Sale

When it comes to toying with your emotions, there’s probably no place worse than the stock market. That’s because our instincts and built-in tendencies serve us poorly as investors. There’s even a growing field to study and explain these “behavioral biases.” Some are well-documented, like herding. That’s where investors just follow what everyone else is doing (which is a bad idea, of course).But there’s another instinct I’m seeing a lot more of lately. And like all the others we fall prey to, when followed blindly, it can do real damage to your portfolio. That is: the urge to buy something on sale.

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Which Is Better: Growth Stocks or Lottery Tickets?

Growth stocks are back in recent weeks. After a difficult first half, shares of “next big thing” companies are rebounding. Fed Chairman Powell’s “hold the course” speech helped. But is this a signal to jump back into companies that may only produce a profit years from now? A recent article from leading research outfit GMO gives five reasons — based on historical evidence — why now may be the riskiest time in two decades to do just that.

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