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President Trump apparently didn’t like the idea of China winning either. This morning, Trump told reporters that the U.S. hasn’t agreed to rolling back tariffs as part of the “phase one” trade deal. Trump Gets Tough on Trade; Disney Pounces on … Everyone
by Joseph Hargett November 8, 2019 Great Stuff
Friday Four Play: The “Get Tough on Trade” Edition The needle on the Great Stuff Trade War Cycle chart finally appears to be moving. After nearly a month of speculation, we finally received commentary from President Trump on the matter … and it’s about what you’d expect. On Tuesday, I asked: “Who’s winning the U.S.-China […]
Great Stuff 7-23-2019 The $1 Billion 5G Deal With Intel Won’t Save Apple
by Joseph Hargett July 23, 2019 Great Stuff
We get some interesting mail here at Great Stuff. You never know what’s going to show up in the inbox. I’ve seen everything from stock advice to insults to poetry. After last week’s Reader Feedback issue, I received a rather interesting question from Edward M.: In 30 years of financial writing, an economics writer […]

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