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Latest Insights on RETA

The IRS Retirement Loophole The IRS Retirement Loophole: HSA Savings Account
by Ted Bauman February 20, 2017 Retirement
Retirement for many is not a pretty picture, especially if you add in health care. Fortunately, there’s a “hack” you can apply to existing tax regulations that might allow you to escape a poverty-stricken retirement.
Don’t Fear the Euro Don’t Fear the Euro
by Jeff Opdyke February 15, 2017 Global Economy
The euro has been called an unmitigated disaster ... a currency without a country. But you’re not getting the full story, and it’s that story that means the euro is safe, for a while at least.
In the Lapse of Luxury: When the Rich Stop Spending
by Jeff Yastine February 14, 2017 Economy
If the wealthy feel confident about the future, they spend. And a close look at the details of luxury spending shows the situation isn’t as pretty a picture as the market is painting right now.
Hold Tight to Cash Hold Tight to Cash
by Jocelynn Smith February 10, 2017 Wealth Protection
With one app and a wave of your phone, you can now buy pretty much anything without ever handling cash. It’s convenient, but this drift away from cash is going to spell trouble for consumers…
It’s Time for Investment! It’s Time! “The report of my death was an exaggeration.” This famous statement describes a fate shared by both American writer Mark Twain and the anachronistic wristwatch.

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