If you were a fan of the Disney Channel in 1999, chances are you saw a movie called Smart House.

The premise was simple: a boy and his family win a dream house.

Everything is digitized, from the kitchen to the bedroom walls to a holographic housekeeper.

Don’t worry about dinner, because the house’s PAT (Personal Applied Technology) has it all under control.

It’s all wonderful — until it isn’t.

Once the son programs PAT to become a mother figure, all hell breaks loose.

Forget about leaving your house — she’s locked the doors.

And so much for choosing your own after-school snack. PAT is on top of that too.

It was surprisingly prophetic for a 22-year-old movie.

For the majority of household needs, there’s now an app.

Want to moderate the temperature of your house, but you’ve already left for work? Use your Nest thermostat app.

You forgot to make a list for the grocery store? Just check your Samsung Family Hub refrigerator, which can tell you what you’re running low on.

Fortunately, the future is much brighter than Smart House predicted.

And it’s only getting better from here.

You see, the declining costs of chips (as well as improving AI tech) has put a “brain” in everything.

Soon, there won’t just be smart appliances.

There will be smart buildings.

Contractors are now looking at ways to use technology to improve tenants’ experiences, drive revenue and cut costs.

And a study by Gartner revealed that technology can reduce building operating costs by as much as 30%!

That’s why the market for smart buildings could grow by five times this decade.

It’s set to explode from $57 billion in 2020 to $265 billion in 2028.

smart building market growth

(Source: Fortune Business Insights.)

And Ian King has found the perfect way to play this trend.

The small cap he’s spotted is a real estate company founded by former employees of Apple and Google.

It’s at the heart of the smart building market. Ian thinks it has the potential to skyrocket as much as 220% over the next four years.

We can’t give away the name here. Some research is just too good to give away for free.

But Ian has a presentation where you can learn more about this opportunity.

To view it now, click here.

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