I’m always looking for an edge…

An edge so my subscribers can beat the market, just like I did over a decade ago as the head trader at Peahi Capital, the hedge fund I ran.

Back then, we stayed ahead of the global financial crisis by betting against financial companies as they fell like dominoes. It was enough to deliver our investors a whopping 261% gain during a time period that saw the market drop 50%.

In the last few years, our edge has been identifying the biggest tech trends before they unfold, like the four we covered last week: Quantum Computing, Nuclear Fusion, DePIN and Autonomous Agriculture. These are prime investing opportunities that I believe will deliver consistent returns this decade.

Which brings me to quite possibly the biggest mega trend of this decade: AI.

For over a year now, Andrew Prince, Amber Lancaster and I have been working on a new trading strategy that utilizes the power of AI.

We call it, Sigma 180.

We were able to transform a 40-year-old stock market indicator that was developed by a Ph.D. mechanical engineer … with the help of AI to adapt it to today’s market.

Our backtested results prove this new AI-driven approach to investing had the power to 30X any account over the last decade.

Even better, it just identified its next three breakout stocks. (Go here to learn more about them.)

(Or read the transcript here.)


🔥 Hot Topics in Today’s Video:

  • New Service Alert: My new stock trading service, Sigma 180, is live! Here’s how AI helped me resurrect the “Sigma Line,” an over 40-year-old investing tool that pinpoints winning trades with over 70% accuracy.
  • [2:03]
  • Market News: Consumers are (not) patiently waiting for interest rates to come down. The wait will likely continue, according to recent CPI data. But Bloomberg Intelligence reports point a bull market is likely for small-cap stocks. (This was one of our predictions for 2024!) [5:45]
  • Tech Trends: This is amazing! OpenAI has released Sora, a “text-to-video” AI model that creates stunning video footage from a written prompt. [13:04]
  • Crypto Corner: Bitcoin (BTC) surged back over $50,000 for the first time since 2021 following the 11 ETF approvals. [16:04]

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Ian King
Editor, Strategic Fortunes

P.S. If you want to learn even more about crypto trading (with me as your guide), watch my webinar on my favorite crypto to invest in — what I call the “Next Gen Coin.”