I’m sorry to cut and run, but I’m traveling today for a family emergency.

Between frantic packing (I’m already sure I forgot something), baggage checks and crying babies at the airport, I’m keeping this brief today.

That said, here comes a shameless call for more Great Stuff!

We’ll take your market memes, snide remarks, stock tips … the sky’s the limit. (Just no profanity, please. As Joe says, we can’t publish that s%*& here.)

If you’d like to see your pearls of wisdom immortalized in a financial e-zine, drop us a line at GreatStuffToday@banyanhill.com.

If you’re lucky, we may even give you credit. (Kidding!)

You can also check out some of the best financial news of the past week by visiting the Great Stuff website. Trust me, it’s much easier than scouring your inbox for past editions.

Go check it out!

Seriously, go. You won’t regret it.

And while you’re there, don’t forget to read up on the expert financial advice published over at Banyan Hill. Not to brag, but those guys are amazing!

Okay, now I’ve really got to jet. My husband is starting to give me dirty looks.

I’d like to pinky promise that Great Stuff will return from hiatus tomorrow, but I learned not to make pinky pacts back in middle school.

If this family emergency takes up more time, we’ll be sure to shamelessly plug any submissions you pass our way tomorrow. So, again, make sure to send in your Great Stuff here!

We thank you for your patience in the interim.


Jocelynn Smith

Senior Analyst, Banyan Hill Publishing