Two weeks ago, we hinted at a “green rock” with properties so promising that Matt Badiali calls it an “everything play.”

We asked you what you thought the rock was.

We went through your responses … and a lot of you had the right idea!

We’d like to congratulate all of you who correctly guessed that Matt was talking about copper!

Robert wrote:

I think that the green rock is copper. It patinas as a green color (like the old pictures of the Statue of Liberty).

Tom guessed:

Copper!! Keep up the good work.

We want to thank everyone who sent a response.

Matt’s made some great recommendations to Winning Investor Daily readers in recent weeks. Those who jumped into Matt’s recommendation to buy VelocityShares 3x Long Silver exchange-traded note (Nasdaq: USLV) are up 25% in under a month!

He’s still keeping an eye on silver companies — but copper is the metal he tells us is gearing up for a massive bull market  that could start any day.

He says now is the best time to buy copper miners.

Back in June, he argued that the rise in copper demand was inevitable. Its price has risen steadily with that view.

And it’s managed to stay above its lowest point in years. Its price per pound fell to $1.94 back in 2016.

From a low of $1.94, it hit a recent peak of $3.30 in June. It’s the commodity’s first climb near that level in five years!

Many factors are fueling this upward drift.

Copper continues to surge on increasing global demand in everything from electric vehicles to renewable energy systems to medicine.

That demand is driving miners to seek out more of this essential green rock. And supply should soon outpace even the most conservative estimates.

In less than 20 years, global yields of the metal will hit 2.65 billion metric tons!

All these developments inform a positive outlook for copper.

And supply will grow to satisfy increasing demand. Its innovative properties will keep it at the forefront of the natural resource space for years to come!

That’s why Matt recommended that his Real Wealth Strategist readers jump into one mining company. It’s set to excavate more of the green rock over the next decade.

And this miner has access to one of the largest deposits in the world!

He’s also spotted three more companies set to ride the copper surge higher over the next decade.

If you’re interested in learning more, you can check out this special presentation from Matt right here.

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