Last week, I asked readers to fill out a quick survey about their financial dreams.

And we got a ton of responses!

Thank you to everyone who took the time to write in and share their dreams.

I’d love to post every single response here, but there are just way too many to include in one email!

So please read on to see a small sample of what your fellow readers have planned for their financial futures.

You Told Us About Your Financial Dreams

Some readers would like to retire in paradise…


Michael responded:

“I want to not only purchase a new car, as the one I have now is literally falling apart, but I want to move to Arizona to live in a warmer climate.”


Jeffery wrote:

“I would like to be comfortable during retirement. I would like to own a house near the beach and have enough money to not have to worry about bills.”


Others dream of overcoming the financial challenges they’ve faced in the past…


Tish replied:

“My financial dream is to have a secure and steady monthly income, primarily through reliable dividends from stocks that will maintain or increase in value. I do not want to watch the market and my stocks every day and worry that I will lose money if the stocks should go down (like GE did a few years ago).”


Malik B. said:

“I am a veteran of the U.S. Navy. In the past seven years, I have faced different obstacles. Though, I refuse to give up. My hope is within the next five to eight years to be financially independent.”


This reader is feeling charitable…


John E. wrote:

“My biggest dream is to be able to live life, and the lifestyle I choose, from only 10% of my income, while giving away the other 90%.”


A couple of readers have big plans for the future…


Grace M.’s dream is:

“To unite the world for five days with a global music festival for humanity … most of the people are in place to produce the largest party the world has ever seen, with 12 million viewers. At age 72, I must complete this production before I die.”


Jeannette commented:

“My financial dream is really big. I would like to have a net income of $2 billion. I want to build an ‘Elderly City’ with clinics, apartments and all kinds of professional services to support elderly people.”


Finally, some readers want to travel and live life to its fullest…


Lorayne B. said:

“My financial dream is to have more than enough passive income to continue to be my mother’s caregiver, and to be able to help my children and grandchildren without creating a financial hardship on myself. I need $12,000 a month to make this happen. Oh yes, I loved to travel and would love to do that monthly.”


Jim’s dream is to:

“Retire and be able to travel and enjoy a good restaurant and great wine from time to time.”


Robert H. wrote:

“My biggest financial dream is to retire comfortably and not be a financial burden on my children. I would like to travel domestically to visit friends and family during the early years of retirement.”


Paul S. is looking for:

“Primarily financial security. On the side, I would like to buy a Tesla.”


Thanks again to everybody who responded to the survey!

A Look Ahead

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Jay Goldberg

Assistant Managing Editor, Banyan Hill Publishing

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