This week’s Quick Takes is all about earnings…

But the way I trade earnings is probably much different than what you’ve seen before.

It’s not about predicting how a stock will move on the date they announce… But how we can use the price chart to figure out where a stock is heading after the big event.

Most people spend all their time and money gambling on the earnings event itself. And it’s just that: gambling. Sometimes even if you guess earnings right, the stock won’t react the way you expect.

I was sick of seeing people lose money this way. So I crafted a unique method to profit after a company reports earnings, regardless of what happens before.

In my latest Quick Takes video, I break down five stocks that recently reported earnings as we take a look at what the price charts tell us to expect from here. Click here or below to watch it.

Turn Your Images On

One of the companies, electric vehicle juggernaut Tesla (TSLA), pushed higher on earnings. But then surged even more a few days later on news Hertz, the rental car company, ordered 100,000 Teslas.

The big news surprised investors and sent the already high-flying stock to new all-time highs.

Today, we’ll break down what you can expect from Tesla from here, along with stocks like Netflix (NFLX)United Airlines (UAL), and more.

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Chad Shoop, CMT
Editor, Quick Hit Profits

P.S. I’m so excited I’m finally able to talk about this…

See, for the past few months, I’ve been testing a brand-new strategy with my subscribers. One that’s generated returns of 129%, 148%, and even 269% since we kicked things off.

It’s a whole new way of looking at stocks, that focuses on how the major indexes move relative to the global market. And it identifies the top stocks within that index set to make explosive moves.

I’ll have much more to say in the coming weeks, and it all culminates in a presentation we’re hard at work on right now, set to release in November.

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