Today’s video is all based on the Relative Rotation Graph — or Profit Radar, as I like to call it.I’m watching three stocks that are solid buys… and three that are likely headed lower.When you first look at the Profit Radar, you probably don’t know what to make of it.

Four colored quadrants with tickers plastered all over it… trailed by squiggly lines, showing their path through each phase of a market cycle.But, I’ve spent years studying this type of chart, to find the most profitable ways to trade it.And some of those same profitable ideas just came to light in this week’s Quick Takes video. Just click here or the thumbnail below to watch.

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After this many years analyzing the Profit Radar, I can now use it a couple different ways…One is to spot Shakeouts — stocks that get beaten down so much, the only logical move would be a bounce.Then there’s our monthly outlooks, where we look at the sectors poised to make outsized moves, and spot stocks within those sectors that are likely to follow that move.If you’ve been following along with these videos, you know how much success we’ve seen so far…Big triple-digit gains from our monthly outlook videos, some solid Shakeout gains, and other spot-on opportunities right here in True Options Masters.If you just joined and aren’t yet caught up, just read yesterday’s piece from Chris. You’ll quickly learn how valuable it is to follow these ideas.The video today takes an even deeper dive into how the Profit Radar works, and what we look for in our six trade setups today.But, all this is nothing compared to the types of returns we’re seeing in a much faster version of this chart…It’s a brand-new trading advisory about to launch called Fast Lane Profits. And we don’t call it that for nothing…Next week, we’re revealing all the details about how it works, and allowing you the chance to receive my best Profit Radar ideas in your inbox every single week.To be one of the first on the list so you don’t miss it, add your name here.If you’re still on the fence, think about how useful this chart has been throughout this year…And how consistently it spots opportunities like in today’s videoTo be frank, the Fast Lane strategy shows us the expressway through the heart of the stock market, spotting only the fastest-moving trades each and every week.It’s 100% free to sign up for my presentation, so there’s no reason not to come check it out.And if you add yourself to my VIP list, I’ll send you a report I just put together that does a deep dive on the Profit Radar’s power.Regards,Chad Shoop, CMTEditor, Quick Hit Profits

Chart of the Day:Why Inflation Isn’t SlowingDown the Dollar

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In today’s Chart of the Day, a conundrum.Why — with inflation coming in at 6.2% year-over-year, a 30-year high — should the weekly chart of the U.S. Dollar Currency Index (DXY) look so bullish?You see, when inflation comes in hot, the corresponding fear from investors is rising interest rates. Raising interest rates is what the Fed has historically done to combat inflation. So that’s what we should expect now with an over-hot CPI print.High interest rates weigh on high-risk assets. So the natural response for big money managers is to sell high-risk assets for dollars, a relatively low-risk asset. As I showed you yesterday, this dynamic can also be seen in the price of gold and bitcoin, though the latter is clearly far less dependable.We’re also seeing a major breakdown in the EUR/USD chart, a key currency pair to gauge strength in the U.S. dollar.This is a key chart to watch for the months ahead. And if you have big gains in high-risk assets like overvalued tech stocks, now may be the time to take some chips off the table.Regards,Mike MersonManaging Editor, True Options Masters