“I had no idea there was just a button you could push!”

Last week, I was walking my friend through the ins and outs of setting up his individual retirement account (IRA). He’d never had any kind of trading account before.

All he wanted was the basics. So, I showed him how buying a stock was as simple as using the “trade” button in his new IRA platform.

He was blown away.

“I guess I thought it would be way more complicated,” he admitted. Luckily for us, it isn’t.

Lots of people think that the stock market is an unknowable monster. But — as my friend found out — if you want to trade stocks, there’s just a button you can push.

So why do people shy away from it?

Well, Wall Street has a lot to do with that. Look at any TV interview with industry insiders. They launch into jargon and gobbledygook as soon as they can.

Wall Street makes its money by managing the money of others. It’s in Wall Street’s best interest for the average person to think that the market is perplexing — too perplexing to navigate on their own.

That’s certainly what my friend thought, and that’s why he was so surprised.

Here at Winning Investor Daily, we take the opposite approach to investing. We don’t over-complicate the market. Our goal is to put you back in the driver’s seat. It’s as simple as that.

Our team focused on that idea this week. Everyone needs to have a plan:

Our regular Winning Investor Daily readers know that we’ve been working on something behind the scenes for a few months. And now, finally, the American Prosperity Summit is open to the public.

We Love to Hear From You

The feedback is pouring in, and the word is spreading like crazy. We’re getting responses from all across the nation:

Image showing feedback from our readers. They are excited to join our Alpha Investor program for various reasons, including that they trust our advice, they're excited for retirement, and they want to have a better lifestyle.

The American Prosperity Summit has been incredible to work on.

All these people are excited to grow their money faster than ever before. And they all want their family and friends to share in it too. It’s the perfect weapon for standing up and taking back your financial future.

What about you? What are you working hard and saving for? What hurdles or roadblocks have stood in your way?

We want to help you overcome those hurdles and reach your goals. It’s clear that Washington and Wall Street can’t or won’t do enough to put our financial futures … America’s financial future … back on track. It’s time to go rogue.

You can find out what they’re all raving about — the American Prosperity Summithere.


Annie Stevenson

Managing Editor, Winning Investor Daily