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Michael Carr
Precision Profits


Curious what readers have to say about Michael Carr’s Precision Profits service?

Read real subscriber reviews and testimonials, as well as reader feedback we’ve received!


“A 139.5% gain [in two days]. WOW!!! Can’t wait for your next pick.” – Philip Kane 


 “Made 260on your bonus trade in IWM … [in one week]!”  Frank Bass 


“Thanks Mike … cashed out with another $24,000 gain this morning.” – John Sinclair 


“You make it so easy. I made 142% [in a couple days].” – Roy Peters 


“After an initial investment of just $10,000, in just two trades I made over $50,000 in two months.” – Frank Pullman


Cashed in $1,900. Cashed out with a $4,260 PROFIT [that same day]. A gain of 224%. Wow!”  – Chris M. 


“It’s been a difficult time in the market but you helped me through. I did follow your recommendation yesterday as I always do. In just over 24 hours I was up over 350%.” Ron Mitchell 


***names have been changed for subscriber privacy, but all testimonials are 100% real.

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