On August 23, Ian King included a poll in his article about nonfungible tokens (NFTs).

In the poll, we asked you: Have you bought an NFT?

Here are the results:

nft purchase response graph

Just 7.4% of respondents said they’ve bought an NFT.

We got a lot of responses from those of you who haven’t bought one about why you haven’t dived into this market for digital art and collectibles.

Many of you are concerned about how expensive the tokens are, saying that you believe the market is in a bubble.

Richard H. wrote:Seem overvalued right now. I’m also not sure how your right of exclusive ownership can be legally protected.”

Allen S. said:It seems to be in a bubble that will burst.”

Brent J. thinks NFTs are “hype bubble nonsense.”

Thomas S. explained: “I love new tech, and I’m normally an early adopter. But spending lots of actual $$$ on a bit of graphics? I’m not there yet.”

And one reader compared NFTs to tangible assets, writing: “I like real things. The home I sleep in. The real estate I own. The timber in my backyard. The water I drink. The vegetables I grow and then eat. NFTs are a bubble looking for a pin.”

But one of the most common responses we received from you is that you don’t know much about NFTs, including how to buy them.

Wallace M. said he still needs to learn how to get started with NFTs.

Fausto C. admitted he doesn’t know much about them.

And several readers mentioned that they aren’t exactly sure what NFTs are.

Ian King can help you there.

You see, most NFTs are tethered to a blockchain. And blockchains are an important part of emerging fintech innovations such as digital transaction ledgers and cryptocurrencies.

In Next Wave Crypto Fortunes, Ian teaches his subscribers about blockchains, the best cryptocurrencies to buy and the NFT market — and how they can profit from all of it.

Click here to learn more about Next Wave Crypto Fortunes.

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