You might have noticed that the editors of two of our most successful trading services have sent you free options trade ideas for the past eight weeks.

Quick Hit Profits Editor Chad Shoop and Apex Profit Alert Editor John Ross analyze stock charts each week to bring you a bonus opportunity.

Today, we want to know how you feel about these opportunities.

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Speaking of John Ross, I want to highlight an urgent message that he recently shared on YouTube.

He warns that a market move is imminent. He’s been expecting it.

This is the next wave:

  • The first was pandemic fear.
  • Then, with clarity on that front, we saw a rebound.
  • Now, economic fear is leading to another wave of selling.

Watch John’s video now:

John believes a new major market sell-off is beginning. (Remember: Our bonus options trades are a great way to play downward moves in stocks!)

Finally, we have more great content to share with you.

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Stay tuned. On Monday, Matt Badiali will reach out about how one metal’s ability to combat viruses will make its price soar this year.

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Kristen Barrett

Kristen Barrett

Senior Managing Editor, Winning Investor Daily