My dinner check came out to $75. I thought there was a mistake.

The last time I ate out, which was over a year ago, the check was for $50 or so.

Am I a little grumpy about it?

Heck yeah! But it hasn’t stopped me from eating out or spending money.

Sadly, I’m starting to get used to higher prices.

And so are many others … because consumer spending continues to move higher.

Despite inflation reaching its highest level in nearly 40 years, retail is still strong.

Even facing supply chain issues, worker shortages and even crime … Americans are starting businesses.

In fact, Joe Donlon of The Donlon Report recently asked me this question in our interview last week

“Who would want to hang an ‘Open for Business’ sign for the first time right now?”

1.4 million Americans, that’s who.

The U.S. Census Bureau shows that more people than ever are applying to start new businesses.

U.S. Census Bureau New business applications 2021

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So, be sure to check out the Real Talk I shared with Joe about our economy’s strength by clicking here or on the play button below.

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Our Greatest Successes

We’re seeing the fastest pace of U.S. business creation in over a decade.

That should tell you what the average American thinks about our country.

Despite inflation, supply chains and Washington’s fiscal policies … Americans continue to be optimistic about the future. And so am I.

Because right now, the next Apple is being started in someone’s garage. The next Facebook is being discussed over beers in a college dorm room. And the next Amazon is being written out on someone’s laptop.

American ingenuity and resilience are at an all-time high, and that should put a smile on your face.

America’s greatest successes are achieved by those who seek opportunities and not guarantees. This time is no different.

And I’ve made it my mission to help plenty of everyday investors just like you seek out opportunities in the markets, too.

Doctors, police officers, teachers, farmers and even entrepreneurs have seen the benefits of going from confusion, fear and frustration with their investments … to clarity, peace and success.

My good friend Governor Mike Huckabee has said: “I love it, Charles. It definitely feels like a ‘Miracle on Main Street.’”

And I know you’ll be saying that same thing once you check it out by clicking right here.

Charles Mizrahi

Charles Mizrahi

Founder, Alpha Investor