Protect the future of Social Security.

According to voters, this is the top issue facing presidential candidates. In fact, a recent AP poll showed that 85% of Americans think Social Security should be “extremely” or “very important” for the next president.

Newsflash: Social Security is a train wreck. As it stands, the Social Security trust fund will be drained by 2034 — less than 20 years from today.

And that’s only a rough estimate.

We are fast approaching radical changes for Social Security. Changes that may include reduced benefits now. But you don’t have to wait for these changes to happen.

Take control of your retirement today with this little-known income strategy…

The future of Social Security looks bleak. With the government’s more than $19 trillion in debt, we could be facing a future where Social Security has been sharply reduced, or possibly doesn’t even exist at all.

According to the Social Security Administration, the average monthly benefit check is just $1,341. Most Americans can’t survive on that small monthly sum. But how would you like to double that and collect $2,682 a month?

Would an extra $750 a month help your retirement woes?

How about $1,800 added to your monthly income?

If not being dependent on a Social Security check is a goal of yours, then this is an income-generating strategy that you need to learn more about.

Getting Paid for Protection

Collecting $750, $1,800 or $2,682 a month might seem a bit far-fetched, but this investment strategy is used to generate income by some of the biggest investment banks and investment managers in the world. And the monthly checks listed above are actually conservative estimates. Ordinary people have generated as much as $6,500 in a single day using this strategy.

You might wonder why it’s not a mainstream investment option like buying stocks or buying a call option.

Well … actually, it is. The strategy is selling out-of-the-money put options, and it is utilized by nearly every trader, bank or investment manager on Wall Street.

Essentially, by selling a put option you are giving someone else (the buyer) the right to sell you a stock at a price (or strike) much lower than the stock’s current valuation.

Why would someone buy a put option from you? Investors use put options all the time as a means to protect open portfolio positions. When they purchase put options, they are essentially limiting their losses in the event of a correction or crash in the stock.

And they are willing to pay you for the service.

There are literally thousands of options available for you to sell and pocket the cash (premium) from at any given time.

Furthermore, most brokerage accounts and even some retirement accounts are already set up to take advantage of put-selling strategies. You just have to know how to place the trade in your account. This is where I come in.

In my weekly investment newsletter, Pure Income, I offer up a unique investment strategy to get cash deposited into your account. That’s right … you don’t pay a dime up front.

All of your capital, aside from a trading transaction fee, stays in your account — your broker actually deposits cash into your account.

Beating Social Security

Cash flow is one of the basic needs in your retirement years. Generating a monthly income to support your standard of living without depleting your retirement account is critical, especially with the questions surrounding Social Security.

Cash flow was the main reason Pure Income was developed. It solves the critical problem many retirees, or anyone looking for conservative portfolio growth, face.

Buying stocks, even dividend stocks, doesn’t generate significant cash flow in a short period of time. You have to wait years for stocks to rise or dividends to accumulate in order to amass a decent amount of cash.

But, with my Pure Income strategy, we generated six times the average S&P 500 yield in just three months. How’s that for significant cash flow in a short amount of time?

Earlier this week, I released a trade that produced $900 in income instantly. And I have another one on my radar for next week that I believe will generate even more income.

If this is something that you believe will help you achieve your goals, help you take control of your retirement outcome, or maybe help you earn an extra $750, $1,800 or $2,682 a month, then click here for a more in-depth look.

No Security in Social Security
Chad Shoop
Editor, Pure Income