In New York City, the era of payphones is officially over.

This past week, the last city-owned payphone was removed. The process began back in 2015.

Instead, New Yorkers will switch to LinkNYC stands. These are kiosks that provide free Wi-Fi, charging outlets for mobile devices and free domestic phone calls.

Time just keeps marching on.

Matthew Fraser, New York’s commissioner of the Office of Technology and Innovation, said it best:

Just like we transitioned from the horse and buggy to the automobile and from the automobile to the airplane, the digital evolution has progressed from payphones to high-speed Wi-Fi kiosks to meet the demands of our rapidly changing daily communications needs.

This is a great example of what Ian King calls the “Next Gen Effect.” This is when 2.0 is bigger and better than 1.0.

Telephones (1.0) were game-changing. To be able to contact someone instantaneously instead of waiting hours or days for a telegram or letter — wow!

But mobile phones (2.0) turned the world on its head.

Car phones, cellphones and finally smartphones: These devices changed everything from how we talk on the phone to how we access the internet.

And this same trend is happening in cryptocurrency right now.

One crypto is currently 1.0. But a massive upgrade is happening this summer that will push it up to 2.0.

And it’s going to change everything.

If you’re interested in learning more, Ian has a complete presentation on the Next Gen Coin — and what it means for you.

Click here to view it now.

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