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Tears For Fed Fears

All around me are familiar faces … of worn-out traders, of market players.

Up bright and early for their daily stock chases — going nowhere, going nowhere.

Tears are filling up their portfolios…

No recession! No recession!

Hide my money, I want to drown my sorrow…

No stocks to borrow. No stocks to borrow.

And I find it kind of funny. I find it kind of sad. The dreams where I’m still buying are the best I’ve ever had.

I find it hard to tell you ‘cause I find it hard to take. When markets run in circles, it’s a very, very … mad world.

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You’re gonna have to start putting a warning label on these heavier Sunday Simmer-Downs. I wasn’t prepared for Donnie Darko levels of stock market depression this early in the morning…

Hey, at least we went with the more upbeat ‘80s jangle and not the Gary Jules version. We’re not complete monsters, you know.

Anywho. By now, you Great Ones should be well aware that things are starting to look ugly out there. There’s the Fed’s inability to curb inflation, the churning, burning sentiment of retail investors, the growth stock slip-and-slide … did I mention the Fed?

Yeah, we don’t need to go through all that again — it’s Sunday morn, after all.

Right, right, time to go back to sleep.

What? Absolutely not! Great Ones never rest — it’s time to train. Time to prepare … preferably in ‘80s music-montage style.

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And since we can’t trust the Fed to get us out of this market morass … you have to trust yourself.

Nooo! I’m the person I trust the least!

That … uh … sounds like a personal problem.

Now, we probably have a lot longer than 28 days, 6 hours, 42 minutes and 12 seconds before the whole stock market falls apart … but it doesn’t hurt to start prepping your portfolio now for when &%*# really hits the fan.

While it’s top of mind, take a look through your portfolio — and maybe put on a biohazard suit first if you haven’t checked it out in a while.

Make sure you’re holding stock in companies that are still growing their cash flows, still outcompeting their rivals and leading industries that will outlast the pandemic … and whatever nastiness is to come.

Just like Great Stuff has reminded you all week, your current objective is to survive thrive:

Lose as little as possible. Be as opportunistic as possible, if you can.

We’re talking about Great Stuff Picks like Nvidia, AMD, Walt Disney and Boeing. ‘Course, you might want to add a little hydrogen action with NextEra Energy on the utilities side — just for some extra flavor.

But I know you, Great Ones. Y’all want more. More ways to find yield in this market. More ways to protect your hard-earned cash. And more companies to park your cash in while you ride out volatility — no matter how ugly their stocks may look in the meantime.

And well, well, wouldn’t you know? That’s exactly what Charles Mizrahi does for his Alpha Investors:

Never confuse a great business with the stock price. Because the stock price tells you nothing about the business — [and] stocks can overshoot on the upside and downside of a company’s underlying worth.

In the Alpha Investor portfolio, we have several stocks that Mr. Market has overshot to the downside. They’re companies in industries with strong tailwinds being run by outstanding managers.

And they’re currently trading at bargain prices.

In fact, I’ll be sending out a shopping list of opportunities that Alpha Investors can get in on soon…

If you’re already part of Charles’s Alpha Investor family, you know that he recently shared one stock on his “shopping list” that fits his buying criteria to a T.

In other words, it:

Participates in an industry that’s in a market measured by the tens of billions, and many times trillions, of dollars.

•  Is run by a CEO with a proven track record of increasing shareholder value.

•  Isn’t being appropriately valued by Wall Street (meaning it’s trading at a discount to its underlying worth).

WIRED magazine is even calling this new opportunity “the Genesis Engine.” And TIME believes that by 2025, every newborn will use this tech.

Now, we aren’t just gonna come out and tell you what Charles’ latest stock discovery is. That would be too easy … and we don’t want you Great Ones getting spoiled.

Instead, do yourselves a favor and click here to find out what this revolutionary new tech is … and how to get rewarded by being an early investor.

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Enjoy the rest of your long holiday weekend, Great Ones!

Normally we’d be getting ready to jump right back into the action with you. But seeing as tomorrow’s Memorial Day and all that, we’re exercising our right to take a well-deserved break.

The market’s closed tomorrow anyway, so you shouldn’t miss too much while we’re away. Well … unless you’re a crypto trader, in which case, do yourself a favor and stuff your phone in a junk drawer. Those altcoins can wait.

And if you’re lucky enough to run into a member of the military tomorrow, thank them for their service. Or buy them a beer. They’ve certainly earned it.

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