This Controversial Industry Is Here to Stay

After I saw how marijuana stocks reacted to the Jeff Sessions announcement, it has me convinced the movement is here to stay, and apparently, more people in general are jumping on the bandwagon.

It’s hard to tell when a stock is at the end of a strong run, or if the broader market is running out of steam.

But one thing to look for is how stocks react to bad news.

The more sensitive the stocks are to the bad news, the closer we are to the end of a recent rally and possibly going into a bear market.

On the other hand, if negative news has little effect, then the stocks still have room to run higher.

One particular group of stocks went through this just the other week.

There was an announcement that had the potential to put companies out of business, yet, despite an initial negative reaction in the stocks, shares have rebounded and held steady.


This is one industry that I honestly haven’t followed that much yet, as it is somewhat out of my wheelhouse. But the way the group as a whole reacted to the news recently has convinced me it is here to stay, and if you don’t have exposure to it yet — now is the time.

Marijuana Stocks: A Movement

The industry is marijuana stocks.

And I know, a lot of people have avoided these stocks because, well, let’s face it — it’s a drug that is illegal in most states.

That’s the same reason I haven’t followed it much. I’m not really a fan of the movement.

But after I saw how marijuana stocks reacted, it has me convinced the movement is here to stay, and apparently, more people in general are jumping on the bandwagon.

After I saw how marijuana stocks reacted to Jeff Sessions' announcement, it has me convinced the movement is here to stay, and apparently, more people in general are jumping on the bandwagon.

Now that the majority of people seem to be in favor of legalizing marijuana, aka cannabis, the movement may be here to stay.

That’s why a recent announcement that shook the industry was so important — I wanted to see how the stocks reacted.

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced plans to roll back federal policies that paved the way for states to legalize marijuana — the policies that have allowed marijuana stocks to flourish and raised expectations for recreational marijuana to be allowed in more states.

This is when publicly traded marijuana stocks tanked on the news. Some were down more than 30% because, like I mentioned, a ruling like this is potentially sending many of these stocks into bankruptcy.

I was watching it as the news developed, and I bought my first marijuana stock on the dip. The buzz around the office was that the movement wasn’t going to end — and many investors feel the same way.

If you haven’t dipped your toes into this speculative trade yet, there’s still time. I have two stocks for you today that will reap the benefits as the movement stays intact.

Speculating on Marijuana

I’ll precede these two stock picks as speculative plays. Speculative because, indeed, a change in jurisdiction in the U.S. could put many marijuana-related companies out of business, and the two below would not be immune to such a change.

Plus, they each depend on further advancements in the recreational marijuana movement, which may or may not happen. So invest with caution, but it is an industry that needs to be on everyone’s radar at this point.

The first is the largest U.S.-traded pure marijuana stock — Canopy Growth Corp. (OTC: TWMJF).

Yes, both of the stocks I mention today trade on the pink sheets, or over the counter. These are stocks that typically have low volume and are risky bets. But with marijuana stocks, it’s where they are all listed and still have plenty of volume.

Canopy Growth is actually a Canadian stock that’s listed in the U.S. on the pink sheets but has an average daily volume of more than 1 million shares. The company has the highest individual market share in Canada’s medical marijuana market and will be poised to benefit a lot if Canada approves recreational marijuana use, which is expected to be passed in the coming months.

The other is Cannabis Science Inc. (OTC: CBIS). This company sells marijuana-based pharmaceutical and recreational products. It is opening two licensed dispensaries in Los Angeles this month and plans to open one more this quarter.

If you want exposure to a possible booming U.S. recreational market, this is the stock to own. It is traded on the pink sheets, but it has an average daily volume of nearly 30 million shares, so there is plenty of liquidity. However, it is a “penny stock,” trading at just $0.10 at last glance.

Again, these are speculative trades in an industry that is not quite established yet. But considering the way these stocks have held up despite major negative news, they’re stocks you should have on your radar.


Chad Shoop, CMT

Editor, Automatic Profits Alert

  • Jhonson Safdeye

    how can i invest?

  • edward ferriman

    how can i invest

  • portlandeastside

    If the Feds stay opposed and enforce federal law, this could end up as a real bumpy ride…Recent events show Sessions is going to be a tough nut to crack…Pence is also no fan of MaryJane..Trump is at best lukewarm..

  • ColFuser

    There are 50 US states. 26 States re-legalized cannabis. 24 States maintain a ban in force, hoping to profit from federal Drug War handouts that are bankrupting the country. 24 is not “most” of 50. It’s less than half of 50.

  • ColFuser

    Portlandeastside, stay tuned for the hearing in US District Court in New York City Feb 14th. Jeff Sessions is being sued, along with DEA Administrator Chuck Rosenberg, for practicing medicine without a license. Apparently 44 years ago DEA was required by law to hand over authority to a doctor, the Surgeon General, who would do lab tests and hold hearings, on which drugs were to be placed on what Schedule. DEA never did that. If you or I tried to order a doctor how to practice medicine we’d be prosecuted for practicing medicine without a license. DEA tricked states into letting the offense slide, by paying hundreds of millions in Drug War grants to local police forces. Basically, DEA committed bribery. Sessions’ lawyers wrote a 68-page motion to dismiss the lawsuit, arguing that the DEA should be able to do anything it wants even if it’s wrong, because they have no good answer and if the judge allows the case to go forward, there’s no good answer they can give to explain their actions. The case is “Washington v Sessions”. No matter what the US District Judge rules, this case is going to get appealed, and will probably end up in the Supreme Court. Marvin Washington, the lead plaintiff, won a Super Bowl ring as a defensive back, and he’s about to sack Jeff Sessions. Stay tuned!!

  • Martin Kip

    I agree these stocks are here to stay. Canada is about to make it legal on Canada Day (July) . I bought pink sheet stocks in late December TWMJF CBIS plus here are a few others that I bought CANN up 21.3 % KSHB up 42.7% MSRB up 6.2% and LDSYF up 15.4 % this is as of this morning after last weeks sell off. I think there here to stay

  • portlandeastside

    The only reason 26 states have legalized MJ is because of the huge loss in cigarette taxes they have suffered, due to the massive number of folks who have quit smoking cigarettes over the past 20-30 years…There is no “progressive” evolution of human reasoning in the MJ movement…as always…it is all about the money…always has been, always will be…Speaking of money, I am surprised there haven’t been more robberies of MJ stores, since they are heavy cash businesses..They are, as Willy Sutton noted about banks, where the money a robber could also sell the inventory they stole for even more dough…and its not really traceable…And who knows, there may be a budding young anti-MJ crusader in development as we speak..A Carrie Nation for MJ…Combined with conservative opposition, I just feel MJ has too many risks to be anything more than a short-term trade…At least for now.

  • Tapan

    How do you buy this pink sheet stocks?

  • Martin Kip

    pink sheet stocks can be bought the same way as any other stock with the exception that you must place a limit buy or sell you can not trade it at market price. For example if CANN is trading at 7.98 bid 8.00 ask you must list your limit buy ex; 7.99

  • Reece Stratton

    1. I liken this to being able to buy a company like Seagrams or Brown-Foreman at the end of prohibition.
    2. Many Americans seem to consistently have the sentiment of wanting to FORCE everybody to abide by personal behaviors that THEY individually abide by, and it often leaves America and the south in particular dragging the rear in progress. Progress usually comes through a social push or an economic push. Prohibition, interracial marriage, blue laws, marijuana- all the same. I John Doe don’t choose that for myself so laws should exist prohibiting anybody from choosing it either. Then enough people elevate their mindset and conclude that just because I don’t choose it doesn’t mean I should stop everybody else from. Add to that the medical benefits of cannabis and the fact that cigarettes/tobacco contribute to lung cancer which is a HUGE drain on the American medical system but it’s legal and it becomes clear that prohibition is illogical and has instead primarily been steeped in emotion.
    3. Big pharma has been against cannabis legalization for fear of competition. They have lobbied against cannabis legalization for fear of competition. Is America the land of using Congress to stifle competition to help select industries or do we believe in free market competition as the foundation of our capital markets? Republicans WERE the party quickest in recent decades to promote free market competition in their rhetoric. The time for hypocrisy on cannabis is over.
    4. Canada is legalizing recreationally this summer. It is the second country to do so after Uraguay. Canadian cannabis companies are now establishing global distribution networks. California has just legalized recreationally starting January 1. It’s economy rivals nations’ economies around the globe. The cannabis market is large, is in its infancy, and will grow. You can either grow with it now or come late to the party and let everyone else capitalize greatest on the growth. That is whether you are an investor or a state in the USA.