Inner Circle

Welcome to Inner Circle!

Paul Mampilly has created a small, elite membership for his most loyal readers to take advantage of.

Members of this group, which Paul is calling his Inner Circle, get to partake in every profitable investment idea he recommends — and will ever recommend in the future.

That’s right. By joining the Inner Circle, readers get every single piece of data … every indicator … every report … and every alert that Paul will ever publish, for life.

This elite membership already includes access to:

  • Profits Unlimited: Every month, Paul sends out an investment newsletter that shows readers the safest and surest way to profit from innovative companies about to see explosive growth.
  • Extreme Fortunes: Paul’s research shows that every year, on average, 43 stocks rally 1,000% or higher. Paul targets these little-known, illiquid companies in his search for life-changing profits.
  • True Momentum: With this service, Paul shows you how to grab gains of at least 300% with only a moderate level of risk, all by targeting the 24 stocks, on average, that display true momentum every year.
  • Rapid Profit Trader: In this service, you’ll learn how to target momentum in some of the hottest stocks in the market. Once found, Paul and his internal analyst Ian Dyer will pick an option on that stock to super-charge your returns.
  • The $10 Million Portfolio: This investment advisory seeks out little-known investment classes most investors have never even heard of, but which have the potential to turn a $10,000 starting account into a $10 million portfolio.
  • The Total Wealth Symposium: Each year, Banyan Hill Publishing hosts a three-day conference featuring a lineup of financial experts in their fields. From asset protection to offshore investing, you can learn how to build and maintain your wealth for many years to come. As an Inner Circle member, this conference is free to attend.

These are all the benefits that come with the Inner Circle to-date.

However, as a member of this elite group, you also gain access to any of Paul’s future trading strategies — before anyone else ever even sees them.

Already, each of Paul’s trading services have helped his readers book handsome gains…

  • “Since October 1, my portfolio is up $167,000.”
  • “I have made $65,000 in profit.”
  • “In 10 days, our account value went up by $627,573.16.”
  • “I’m up well over $100,000. Thank you, Paul!!”
  • “So far, I have made $150,000.”
  • “I have made over $10,000 the past couple months and [am] having a blast.”
  • “My E-Trade account [went] from $88,000 to $159,000.”
  • “We made over $10,000 in just a month.”
  • “My portfolio just soared $10,000.”
  • “When I started, we had $175,000 in cash. Today, our cash balance is over $900,000.”

This is just a taste of the powerful results readers of Paul’s services have experienced. And he wants you to have the same chance at life-changing returns.

Readers of the Inner Circle are in for a fast, profitable ride — but it’s not too late for you to join them!

Don’t wait.

To find out more about how you can start your membership to Paul’s Inner Circle, click here.

Paul Mampilly
Editor, Inner Circle