It’s a rare thing in the financial world where the proverbial stars align and create an unmissable, sea-change investment opportunity.It’s even rarer for an investor to position themselves for that opportunity long before it hits the mainstream. Most are lucky to do it just once the course of their life.But Ian King has an uncanny knack for finding them… spotting three in just the last 20 years.First with shale oil. Then again with green energy. A third time with biotech.And today, Ian is confident he’s found his fourth big play.It’s all thanks to a singular, highly rare alignment of government policy… innovation… and private funding. Everything’s pointing to a granddaddy buy signal for a sector that could defy the odds and break away from this painful bear market.Not just that, it could bolster American manufacturing in a way we haven’t seen since the Industrial Revolution.This new revolution is the subject of today’s Banyan Edge Podcast. And if you have any intention of grabbing hold of this train before it leaves the station, you’ll click here right now and tune in.(Here’s a hint: China’s errors will cost them, big-time.)

Ian’s releasing never-before-seen research on the Fourth Convergence tomorrow afternoon, here first in The Banyan Edge.Watch your inbox for your first look at Ian’s next big idea…Regards,Charles Sizemore's SignatureCharles SizemoreChief Editor, The Banyan Edge

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