“Well, Tiff, I’m thinking about buying some stock.”

I paused after my dad’s unexpected statement.

“Do you mean livestock? Where are you going to keep them?”

(My dad lives near the Great Smoky Mountains — this was a fair question.)

“No, company stock! Like what you do.”

(I still don’t think he knows 100% what I do for a living. But he’s getting closer.)

“Well, why now, Dad?”

And as simple as it seems, his next sentence stuck with me.

“Well, if not now, when?”

He has a point. While he has savings, if he’s going to invest in the stock market, the time is now.

According to GoBankingRates, you need between $500,000 and $1 million saved in order to finance your retirement years.

And yet the median savings for Americans between the ages of 55 and 64 is just over $107,000.

That’s a huge gap between where you should be — and where you actually are.

But Ian King set out to help change that with his “20-Minute Retirement Solution.”

This is a simple blueprint modeled on the same money-management tactics used by billionaire investors, hedge funds and investment banks.

It’s redesigned to help put you on the path to reaching your retirement goals faster than you might ever think possible.

It even works when the market’s going down.

I suggest you check out Ian’s “20-Minute Retirement Solution” today.

You’ll discover how it could help you put your retirement on the fast track.

And all it takes is just 20 minutes … once a year.

Ian has even prepared a special briefing called 5 Stocks for a Wealthy Retirement.

To get your copy today, click here.

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