AI is one of the fastest-growing industries this year.

Since the release of ChatGPT-3 in 2022, generative AI, robotics automation and machine learning have not only been grabbing headlines — they’ve been shaking down every corner of the market ever since.

Last year, the global total corporate investment in AI almost hit $92 billion.

Our resident expert on all things tech and finance, Ian King, predicts that 60% of workers are going to be using some form of AI in 2024.

And now, a recent study forecasts AI’s global market from now until 2030.

💡 Here’s a hint: Strong growth is expected, with a hefty side of market disruption.

global AI market is projected to grow a staggering 20X by 2030 — up to $2 trillion.

The global AI market is now valued at $142.3 billion in 2023. It’s in a massive growth phase, of course, as businesses and entire industries clamor to leverage all aspects of this technology.

This includes an influx of AI startups, AI data centers, machine learning and chatbot companies, and any company that’s trying to incorporate AI into their business model.

The global AI market is also projected to grow a staggering 20X by 2030 — up to $2 trillion.

This tells us that the time to invest is now, while it’s still in its early stages.

📈 Market Edge: 3 Ways to Invest in AI

If you want to start investing in AI, or with the power of AI as a trading tool, here are three ways to get started:

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