In case you missed it, Ian King wrote an excellent article on Friday about how trading algorithms are taking over Wall Street.

Simply put, human traders just can’t keep up with machines.

Computers are smarter than us. And they don’t make the illogical mistakes that every investor falls victim to.

That’s why, Ian notes, four out of five of the world’s largest funds use software to pick their investment ideas.

If you haven’t read Ian’s article yet, I highly recommend you check it out now!

The elite traders on Wall Street are making tons of money from their algorithms. But they’re not the only ones who can profit from this brand-new world of investing.

That’s because, for the first time ever, investing experts Jeff Yastine and Brian Christopher are about to reveal their very own patented trading algorithm.

In today’s six-minute video, Jeff and Brian share how you can get an exclusive look at their secret investment strategy.

They also discuss:

  • Wall Street wishes it had this trading system. Quote: “There are a lot of people I’ve talked to who still can’t believe the fact that we’re patenting this algorithm. To me, it just makes sense. It works. And we want to protect the work.”
  • This algorithm is the key to finding stocks with the best chance to soar higher. Quote: “The biggest challenge for anybody … is to cut through the noise regarding opinions you hear on CNBC. You go on the internet, Yahoo Finance, and you read another whole set of opinions, often about the same company.”
  • The strategy scores gains of 1,000% or more over and over again. Quote: “I know a lot of people who are happy with just a 20% or 30% gain in something they buy. Imagine having something that goes up 100% … then 200% … 500% … 1,000%.”

To watch their video now, simply click on the image below:Jeff Yastine and Brian Christopher explain how you can use their patented trading algorithm to score gains of 1,000% or more over and over again.

Jeff and Brian’s “profit line” often flashes right before stocks soar. They watch the chart … invest … and then collect absolutely massive profits.

It’s that simple.

And during a live webinar on October 22, they’ll show you exactly how their “profit line” works.

However, sign-ups end at midnight EDT tonight. So I encourage you to reserve your spot now!

You don’t want to miss this once-in-a-lifetime chance to start making 1,000% gains on your investments.

And remember to scroll down for a wrap-up of this week’s Sovereign Investor Daily articles.


Jay Goldberg

Assistant Managing Editor, Banyan Hill Publishing

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