One major news outlet called this the “hottest stock of the year.”

Over a five-month span in 2018, it enjoyed a 220% run that MarketWatch called “unprecedented.”

And several major stock forecasters have just raised their price forecasts – one said it could even “double” in the coming months.

Even that could be a serious lowball estimate.

You see this company has recently partnered with some of the biggest names in corporate America – including Bancor, CME Group, Credit Suisse, Deloitte, Hewlett Packard, JPMorgan Chase and Microsoft – to revolutionize how the world does business.

That’s because the space it works in is a new tech industry, being explored by 90% of major North American and European banks.

An estimated 90% of all world governments are expected to invest in the technology within this industry.

And a recent PwC – also known as PricewaterhouseCoopers – report found 84% of all businesses surveyed are actively involved in this kind of technology already.

In short, this California-based firm makes a microchip that is about to smash its way into the mainstream in a BIG way.

And as this amazing tech industry goes mainstream, it’s going to take this little-known chipmaker with it.

Wall Street legend Paul just issued a major bulletin detailing why this is absolutely the number one stock to buy right now.

, once one of the most celebrated hedge fund managers on Wall Street and a veteran contributor to Fox Business, Bloomberg and CNBC, has urged investors to get on board.

He is well-known for making millions on major tech breakthroughs – 2,539%, 634%, 696% and 293% gains on smaller tech companies that took off. Barron’s named the hedge fund he managed “one of the world’s best.”

has the “story behind the story” on this incredible stock – and folks who invest before this company’s next earnings report, later this month, could reap enormous gains.

I urge you not to miss your chance to buy into one of the hottest stocks on the planet.

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