A lot of people are going to be surprised at this one.

I know they were surprised by my top 2018 stock pick, Foundation Medicine. After all, the stock sat for years. But I knew something they didn’t … that the company was primed for a buyout.

Sure enough, on June 19, 2018, Swiss pharmaceutical giant Roche bought the company. Shares soared 524%.

My subscribers excitedly shared their returns with me. Mike reeled in a whopping $1,109,307 from this stock alone. Laura and Frankie instantly profited $160,000. Chris made more than $58,000. And modest investors saw huge gains too – like Lenny, who turned his $1,000 investment into $3,000.

Now, my No. 1 pick for this year is in a completely different market.

The technology it’s developing will impact every single industry on the planet. Fidelity says it will “change the world.”

Billionaire investor Marc Andreessen calls it “the most important technology since the internet itself.”

Industry experts say spending on this technology will shoot from $4 billion to $3.1 trillion. That’s a 77,400% increase.

Imagine taking a $10 bill and watching it multiply into $7,740 with zero effort … That’s the potential of this market.

As for my No. 1 stock for 2019 – like most of my favorite picks, it’s underrated.

It’s still one of the cheapest stocks on the S&P 500. It’s down more than 40% from a recent high. And with a PE ratio of 3.15, it looks like it’s severely undervalued.

This stock is an absolute bargain right now. But it won’t be for long …

If you’re a bold investor who’s tired of the usual financial drones, you’ll love hearing about my No. 1 stock pick this year.

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