The history of the world is built on speed.

On newer, faster technologies rising up and replacing older, slower ones.

According to researcher and 40-year market veteran Jeff Yastine, this historical process of newer, faster technologies replacing older, slower ones is happening again — right now.

Director of research for independent market research firm Banyan Hill … Yastine says his work has uncovered a new technology so powerful, and so fast, it could replace the old internet forever.

“I call it ‘the internet killer,’ Yastine says.

“Within three years, the internet could cease to exist in its current form. Instead, we’ll all be accessing the world’s information through a faster, more powerful new breakthrough technology called the Hypernet”.

Editor’s Note: Jeff Yastine has documented the rise of the Hypernet, and the impact it will be having on the world, in this special presentation. It’s a must-see for everyone who uses the internet, or ever will … or is interested in the potential for new technologies to change the world. Click here to view it now.

Yastine is quick to point something out though.

The End of the Internet?

The little-known technology called the Hypernet will soon become the world-standard for high-speed communications – replacing the Internet forever.

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“I need to make something clear … the Hypernet is not 5G … it’s not artificial intelligence … the Internet of Things … virtual reality … or blockchain. It’s more important — because it’s absolutely critical to the success of ALL of these technologies.”

And when Yastine says this new Hypernet is fast — he means FAST.

Researchers at Oxford University have clocked the Hypernet at speeds 1,600 times faster than even the fastest home internet connections.

“To put that in perspective,” Yastine says, “imagine making the six-hour flight from NY to LA — in about 15 seconds. Or getting a full eight hours of sleep — in about 20 seconds. The Hypernet is THAT fast. You’ll soon be able to download 20 full-length, high-def movies … in just one second.”

Yastine believes the Hypernet will soon be in every home in the world — within the next three years.

“The potential for the new Hypernet doesn’t end there,” he says. “The Hypernet will soon be in every hospital … every home … every military installation … every department store and mall … in every hotel … every office building … every school, college and university … every street corner … restaurant and coffee shop … every car … every jet plane … every bus … and every subway and train platform…”

Everywhere there’s a need for high-speed access … the Hypernet will be there — faster and more secure.

Yastine points out that the biggest tech companies in the world are already racing to claim a piece of the Hypernet.

“Apple, the largest tech firm in the world, has already started making its iPhone Hypernet ready. Global giants like General Electric … Samsung … Panasonic … Philips … Toshiba … Sharp … and Cisco Systems are all joining the Hypernet revolution as well.”

Now’s the time for investment, he says. “This is the BEST time to stake a claim in this breakthrough — before it goes mainstream and replaces the internet forever.”

“Look,” he continues, “computers were enormous, slow, room-sized behemoths. When the first PCs came along — smaller, faster, easier to use — few could see the potential.”

But investors who could, saw exceptional gains.

“Early investors in Microsoft saw gains of more than 129,900%.  Hewlett Packard — 43,650% — and Intel Corp — more than 24,000%.”

“The Hypernet may be the most important breakthrough of our time,” Yastine says. “It’s going to change how the world communicates forever.”

Editor’s Note: In Jeff Yastine’s special presentation, The Hypernet, he reveals the secret that makes the Hypernet so fast, and so important to the future of all technologies. He also details the one company he says will be the dominating force in Hypernet technology, leading it from little-known tech to “internet killer” ASAP. Click here now to watch it.