The Director of National Intelligence somberly stepped up to the podium, pulled out his notes, and announced: “Cybercrime has surpassed terrorism as the No. 1 threat facing our nation…”

His statement came days before the Equifax breach … a breach that exposed the personal information of 143 million Americans (nearly half our country).

Social Security numbers, bank accounts, credit cards … all compromised.

Billions of dollars wiped out.


“It’s alarming that the very companies we pay to protect us from getting hacked are getting hacked,” comments Jeff Yastine, a cybersecurity expert. “Cybercrime is not just a major problem – it’s a pandemic that’s going to strike every American.”

Indeed, new studies show that cybercrime robs more than $400 billion from U.S. businesses each year … a number experts predict to rise to $6 trillion annually by 2021 (a 14-fold increase).

National security leaders agree: “Cyberwarfare is the greatest threat facing the United States.” In fact, 12 new people are hacked each second … that’s more than a million each day.

But according to Yastine, there’s hope!

“A tiny Massachusetts-based company may have a way to thwart these vicious attacks once and for all,” Yastine says in a new video presentation. “It all comes down to a simple line of computer code.”

This code acts as a vault for people’s information. Think of it like a 20-digit passcode that changes every second.

And this company – now publicly traded – is looking for investors.

In his video, Yastine reveals how you can take a stake with as little as $50. Doing so will not only aid in the fight against “the No. 1 threat facing our nation,” it could also make you a fortune (think in the millions).

This company has already set up accounts with some of America’s biggest corporations and is raking in $216 million annually (up 500% in the last four years).

To see all the details, watch the video below. (If it doesn’t play right away, Click here.)