From the cotton gin, to the steam engine, the railroad, the assembly line and the internet modem…

Every economic boom that handed early investors untold wealth can be traced back to a single invention that started it all.

In fact, the profit opportunities for those who recognized what was going on at the time were incredible.

For instance, BF Goodrich Tires soared 20,381% on the heels of the assembly line.

That’s enough to turn a $1,000 investment into over $2 million.

And Oracle delivered 7,520% in gains when modems went mainstream.  That’s enough to turn every $1,000 into more than $750,000.

Of course these are historically rare gains, and no one can guarantee they will happen again.

But the fact remains, history has a tendency of repeating itself.

In fact, the next game-changing innovation is already taking shape behind the scenes.

And those who take action now, have the chance to stake their claim on their fair share of an expected $15.7 trillion windfall of wealth.

According to Bill Gates, just one innovation from this explosive new market could be “worth TEN Microsofts.”

And billionaire Mark Cuban, the Shark Tank investor and owner of the Dallas Mavericks, says this new market will create “the world’s first trillionaire.”

And these aren’t the only experts who see all the money that can be had as this new opportunity unfolds.

Wall Street Legend Charles Mizrahi says: “This new market could mint more millionaires than any other market in history.”

Of course, most people have no clue what’s happening.  Not surprising when you consider you’d have to look in the most unexpected place.

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