A former programmer for major investment banks is shaking up the investment world by revealing details of a simple, yet little-known tool retirees could use to avoid the sting of market crashes.

The programmer, who wished to remain anonymous to avoid angering his industry connections, has helped expose the details of an investment protection strategy so easy to use a 12-year-old can take advantage of it.

Until now, the details of such tools were closely guarded secrets. And the only known way to gain access to them was through a high-end investment bank or a “family office.”

An extensive study of the strategy by renowned asset protection specialist Ted Bauman quickly revealed why…

Countless hours of backtesting with over 10 years’ worth of market data show it is capable of delivering returns that are 574% higher than the overall stock market.

The financial crisis of 2008 … the Flash Crash of 2010 … Black Monday 2011 – none of them would have mattered. Throughout all of the backtesting, it never has a losing year. Not one.

The result: The recommendations generated by this amazingly simple system would’ve helped turn every $100,000 you invested into $388,000 … versus just $150,000 from the S&P 500.

(You can see the test results for yourself right here.)

That amounts to a gain of $288,000 versus just $50,000. You would have made nearly 6 TIMES more money. And you would have done so while keeping your savings 13 times safer than a typical buy-and-hold strategy.

The good news is, access isn’t limited to the high-net-worth clients of big investment banks of family offices.

Now ANYONE can take advantage of it.

Ted and the anonymous financial programmer reveal how in this eye-opening new video. Click here to watch now.