Today, there’s no question…cyber crime

Cybercrime has rapidly grown into the single greatest threat facing civilization today.

110 million Target customers have been hacked. So have 83 million JP Morgan clients. So have 117 million users on LinkedIn, 56 million at Home Depot and 32 million on Ashley Madison. Verizon, Wendy’s, Hyatt – the list goes on. And most recently, 143 MILLION Americans had their financial data compromised when Equifax’s servers were hacked.

This is not just a major problem. It’s a serious pandemic.

Today, cybercrime robs more than $400 billion from businesses each year. Yet it’s growing so fast that experts fear by 2021 cybercrime will be 14 times worse, robbing $6 trillion each year and igniting a second Great Depression.

That’s why the Director of National Intelligence declares that cybercrime “has surpassed terrorism as the No. 1 threat facing our nation.”

It’s why one leader says that “cyberattacks [are] the biggest threat to national security for the year ahead.”

And why the CEO of IBM says cyberattacks are “the greatest threat to every profession, every industry, and every company in the world.”

But there’s hope…

Where There’s Crisis, There’s Opportunity

While the situation is indeed dire, a cybersecurity expert recently uncovered an innovative solution that could put an end to cybercrime for good.

Jeff Yastine recently presented his findings to a full house of over 400 retirees, entrepreneurs and business experts who spent thousands to hear his insights.

Yastine warns that: “Now is not the time to be complacent. Those who don’t take a few simple steps right away could wake up broke … their bank accounts could be emptied and their credit cards could be maxed out.”

And although his warning should scare the hell out of you, Yastine adds: “There is no need to fall victim to cybercriminals. There is a way to not only protect yourself, but a way you can actually profit from it as well.”code

You see, through his vast network of contacts, Yastine has isolated a tiny Massachusetts-based startup that may finally have a way to thwart these vicious attacks once and for all.

And it all starts with a simple line of computer code … inside which lies an untapped $1 trillion market that could not only eliminate cybercrime forever, but make early investors incredibly rich while doing so.

As Yastine says: “The tiny company that wrote this code could give fast-acting investors the chance to turn a small $500 stake into millions.”

Yastine reveals all in a controversial new video that shows just how serious this threat is, how this code can stop it, and how early investors can utilize this opportunity to amass a fortune.

While Yastine intended the video for a private audience, his message is so powerful that tens of thousands of people are downloading it each day.

One anonymous viewer wrote: “Yastine uses clear evidence that spells out the looming cyber threats facing us today, but he also proves that there is a way to escape these threats and even profit from the company behind this remarkable code.”

With his permission, I reposted the video on a private website. I encourage you to see the shocking details for yourself. Click here to watch it now…