Just take one look at the headlines, and it’s clear this bull market is on fire…

  • “Dow hits all-time high, cracks 20,000 for the first time ever.” – USA Today
  • “Dow climbs above 21,000 points as stocks jump.” – Los Angeles Times
  • “Dow Hits 12th Straight All Time High, Eyes 1987 Record.” – Barron’s 
  • “Dow closes above 21,000 as stocks post best day of 2017.” – CNBC

Yes the big question on investors’ minds is why.

Countless pundits say it’s a Trump rally…

While Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen says it’s growing confidence in the U.S. economy, big gains in jobs and on-target inflation – why else would she raise interest rates a quarter point and hint of more rate hikes to come?

Of course, these reasons, and many others, seem plausible for the record-breaking surge in the Dow, but according to Wall Street legend Paul , none of this matters.

He recently went on record to say: “This bull market has nothing to do with jobs reports, economic confidence or a rise in corporate earnings; it all comes down to a little-known economic force that has driven every bull market for the last 120 years.”

A force he says will send the Dow skyrocketing to 50,000!

And in a shocking new video, uses a single chart to prove Dow 50,000 is inevitable. (In fact, one can quickly see how the Dow could even rally as high as 200,000.)

explains: “I’ve used this same force to predict the stock market collapses of 2000 and 2008 … and to make personal gains of 634%, 696% and even 2,539% along the way.

And while these gains are impressive, states they are nothing compared to what’s ahead.

If you don’t know Paul , his predictions paid off big as the $6 billion hedge fund he managed was names by Barron’s as one of the “World’s Best.”

And became legendary when he won the prestigious Templeton Foundation investment competition by making a 76% return ($38 million in profit on a $50 million stake) … during the height of the 2008 and 2009 economic crisis.

And right now, he says the key is to buy the right stocks before this rally goes any higher.

“The last time a scenario like this unfolded, it sent a handful of extraordinary stocks as high as 27,000%, 28,000% and even 91,000%.”

And while those may have been some of the biggest gains in history, in his new video, reveals exactly how to find a new generation of explosive stocks – including 3 you need to own right now.

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