The Energy Revolution Is Coming Soon to This Unlikely Destination

The U.S. now has more than 550 megawatts of “virtual power plants” hooked up. And the next country ready to join the energy storage parade may surprise you.

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Picture a battery that’s the size of a tractor trailer. If you need to store more power, just add more trailers and wire them all together.

That should give you a pretty good idea of what energy storage is all about.

The U.S. now has more than 550 megawatts of these “virtual power plants” hooked up to the electric grid.

And we’re starting to see energy storage become a big deal in what might seem like an unlikely place.

Energy Storage & Virtual Power Plants

Much of the United States’ storage capacity is in place in California and Arizona. (More battery storage is coming online in Texas as well.)

Those are all places where wind turbines fill an increasingly larger proportion of the regional power-generating load.

When the power grid doesn’t need all that electricity, the battery systems are standing by to store the excess.

And according to recent reports, Mexico appears ready to join the energy storage parade.

Mexico’s Energy Regulatory Commission recently told energy storage experts that it’s in the market to buy up to 2,300 megawatts of storage over the next decade.

South of the Border

Renewable energy like solar and wind is a big hit with residents and businesses in Mexico’s Baja region. But officials say the unreliable nature of renewables is starting to strain the power lines in the region.

So Mexico’s energy commissioners want to install at least 20 megawatts of energy storage in Baja to absorb the excess power from all those solar panels. The stored power can then be released when needed.

According to published reports, Mexico plans to increase its wind power generation by 400% through 2020. That means it will likely need to add even more energy storage to make full use of this inexhaustible resource.

It’s a scenario that plenty of other energy markets, in the U.S. and around the world, are coming to terms with. And it’s a key reason why I’ve made energy storage a part of the Total Wealth Insider portfolio.

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Good to hear but what about individuals how will this help them. Probably won’t but its at least a good start at getting away from Crude oil and that ilk! Brought to you by

America has the worst power grid on the planet for a nation it’s size. It’s out dated. It’s inefficient and it’s an outright pillaging of the consumer. If America operated via a power grid that matched Europe or Germany and other more developed nations we would consume half of the power and nearly half the cost to the consumer. WHY? 110 power at the point of use is wasted power. All appliances run better and more efficient on 220 power. America’s power grid is old and sitting on the edge of brown outs and black outs that can occur at any time. It’s totally outdated and wasted power consumption. Not to mention how much more the consumer pays for such waste.

As for wind turbines. One turbine alone cost well above 2 million dollars installed. Who is paying for these turbines? You can’t tell me they are free. Oh, I forgot, the govt has a money tree and all corporations are privy to it and the tax payer gets to pay the bill.

From the web: “The costs for a utility scale wind turbine range from about $1.3 million to $2.2 million per MW of nameplate capacity installed. Most of the commercial-scale turbines installed today are 2 MW in size and cost roughly $3-$4 million installed”

Much saner to fund alternative energy/clean air that keeps you alive than the bloated, imperialist military that kills people and costs much more. 60% of your discretionary tax dollar goes to fund stupid ventures like Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Vietnam, Yemen, Israel etc..

The military industrial complex is a corporation for profit. I stand by my statement that corporation’s bleed us and have been for decades. They are already rich. Bleeding us for their gain is totally wrong. If the rich were forced to fund their own schemes, there would be very little schemes at all.

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If our government would stop catering to the big oil companies and focus on clean energy (which we already have) we could clean up our air and possibly reverse global warming and decrease disease throughout the world. Sometimes I wonder where the people we choose to run our government get their common sense, if they have any at all!

What do you think of Trump’s actions so far? You know he is doing everything he can to bring back Coal. They are even talking about subdising it. There is no such thing as clean coal no matter what they say. They are doing away with the EPA. Not by outright eliminating it but, by driving everyone that wants to do there job out. I just wonder how low this country will go?

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