If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck … chances are, it’s a duck.


Well, that’s not the case with recessions.

Some parts of the economy are doing well and others aren’t. So, it’s hard to tell whether we’re “technically” in a recession or not.

But either way, Americans are paying the price. We don’t need the experts to tell us that.

The good news is that — despite soaring inflation putting the pressure on our wallets — we have your back.

Alpha Investor founder Charles Mizrahi has invested through many bear markets. And this one is no different.

He has an approach to help you make money and grow your portfolio no matter what market environment we’re in.

Be sure to catch up on his Real Talk below to find out how you can use it to your advantage now…

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Lina Lee

Senior Managing Editor, Real Talk

Real Talk, Real Readers!

From Mike F.: Charles, for the first time as an investor in the stock market, I actually made money! It’s not that I’ve lost a lot before being part of your Catalyst Fortunes service. But I’ve never made the kind of money I made this week on your latest trade.

I followed your guidelines and bought the stock when you said to buy it. And when you gave the sell recommendation, I sold it and made several hundred dollars.

Thank you so much, not only for the recommendations … but also for the encouragement to investors like me who need to be reminded (from an expert like you) that we can’t give up on America and certainly can’t give up on our businesses.

Thank you so much!!

From Richard B.: Charles, I thought your email about cash flow was very interesting and enlightening. In my TD Ameritrade account, cash flow is shown under the company’s fundamentals reporting. Thank you.

From Gerry G.: Loved reading your email about cash flow. I’ve learned a lot about this with the massive company I work for. Our CEO is obsessed with it.

It’s great reassurance during this market that we are invested in good businesses. Cheers, and thanks again. Love this Alpha Investor subscription.

From Charles P.: Charles, your interview with Bill O’Reilly was great.

From Jim. P.: Your three-minute videos are a great idea!

From Bill M.: Thank you, Charles, for respecting the limited time available for us to read financial reports. Like Joe Friday, we just want the facts, not the whole nine yards.

From Howie R.: Charles, thank you for the sound advice!

From Marjorie F.: Thanks for all your newsletters and important information.