With stocks up nearly 30% off the lows, many think they’ve missed their chance to jump in.

But, I promise you, it’s not too late.

In fact, I believe our biggest profit opportunities are ahead of us, not behind us.

And I don’t say this just because I think stocks are headed much lower.

Instead, I say this because I know the opportunities a sell-off like this creates for the months ahead.

Timing the bounce off the bottom is always difficult.

If you nailed it, consider yourself lucky.

But for those of you that missed the bottom, don’t worry.

In the coming weeks, we are set to enter the most profitable period for Banyan Hill’s number one trading service  — Quick Hit Profits.

And that’s going to produce some of the biggest returns we have seen since the global financial crisis.

Here’s why…

A Different Way To Play Earnings

Earnings season is just beginning to takeoff.

The bulk of companies are set to begin reporting earnings for the first quarter at the end of the month.

This is a critical event for all U.S. listed companies and this quarter will be more important than ever.

Earnings announcements are the single most important day for any company listed on the market. During these earnings announcements, we get a clearer picture of its operations, how its revenues stacked up to analysts’ expectations, and a breakdown of its profitability.

All told, stocks experience major moves during an earnings announcement.

But I don’t trade them the way you might think.

Most investors will bet on a stock ahead of an earnings announcement. Trying to capture the big one-day move for the stock. This is extremely hard to predict on a consistently. You may win on one or two, but lose on the next 10..

I don’t want to gamble on an investment like that.

I focus on what the stock reaction will be after an earnings announcement.

By waiting until after the big one-day price moves, we can spot predictable trends. These trends have helped me record huge triple-digit gains each and every month.

And remember, we are not gambling on the earnings event.

This strategy has been so profitable because my system pinpoints select stocks that experience a consistent pattern after a certain earnings announcement.

These are stocks that hit what I call a “Profit Trigger.”

It’s the event itself and how the stock reacts that tells me what to expect over the next few weeks.

Once my Profit Trigger is hit, I know exactly what to do next.

And as we get set to enter the latest earnings season, we will have dozens of companies hit my profit trigger.

Even though stocks have already bounced nearly 30% off their lows, we have been here before. And it’s created incredible opportunities for the Quick Hit strategy.

Don’t Miss the Earnings Rally

Back in 2018, stocks started the year with a 10% plunge.

It led a record setting day using my Quick Hit strategy  — over 1,386% in gains from a single day.

Then the stock market fell 20% at the end of 2018.

This lead to a string of even more triple-digit winners.

Right now, stocks have experienced a 30% drop, the biggest in more than a decade.

And it’s setting up for another round of incredible opportunities  — starting this week.

Earnings season is just now getting underway, and that means more potential triple-digit opportunities are coming your way.

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Chad ShoopCMT

Editor, Quick Hit Profits