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Nothing in the world makes sense right now.

Movie theaters in the U.S. are insisting that they can — and will — open up soon. Meanwhile, Walmart, Target and CVS are insisting that no customers can enter their stores without a mask.

We’re four months into lockdown (where I am writing in Maryland), and the rumors are coming through that we might not get back to normal until 2021.

And yet … if you were just looking at the stock market, you’d have no idea.

As some states reverse their reopening plans, the stock market has tentatively continued its march higher. How much longer can it last?

The Federal Reserve will keep pumping money into the system. But the average person’s stimulus will be coming to an end on July 31. New stimulus has been proposed in Congress, but good luck making it through that muck.

  • Our favorite Alpha Investor Charles Mizrahi broke down why he doesn’t bother trying to predict what the  government, the economy or the virus will do next. He showed you what he is doing in his video this week.
  • Plus, while the market in general has been up, some stocks have shown weakness. In-house technical trader John Ross showed us on Wednesday that stocks could really go either way from here.
  • Elsewhere in the markets, our resident natural resources expert, Matt Badiali, took a deep dive into the natural gas industry. Legendary investor Warren Buffett just made a major speculation — he thinks the price of natural gas will be going up soon. And he expects it to stay up, too. Matt agrees.
  • Speaking of natural resources, John Ross also wrote about gold this week. It’s risen to historic highs so far this year … but it’s due for a pullback. As part of our Bonus Options Trade series, John Ross took the time to show you how options could help subscribers make this trade with triple-digit upside.

Finally, I want to talk to you about my colleague Chad Shoop. If you’ve been a subscriber to Winning Investor Daily for a while, you’ve heard about him before. He has one of the most successful track records we’ve ever seen. His strategies are innovative, lucrative and frankly, fun.

He broke down one of his favorite strategies in the market for our subscribers this week. While most people waste their time trying to chase the market, Chad showed readers how to turn the tables. His favorite tool lets investors tell the market what price they’ll pay for a stock. The market can take it or leave it … but investors will get paid for the privilege.

How to Beat the Market

I could tell you all about Chad’s track record, and we’d be here all day.

But here’s what I think will really make you understand why we’re so excited about what Chad has been sharing:

You don’t have to go it alone.

Seriously. Here at Winning Investor Daily, we tell you all the time that we want to give you everything you need to make the best decisions in your portfolio. That means giving you our best advice in clear terms. There’s no jargon like “synergies” or “industry verticals” here. We’re working for you.

And Chad’s strategy is exactly the kind we’re talking about.

Let’s face it: You know which stocks you’d like to buy. You’re smart. You understand it’s all about the companies you invest in and the price you pay. You don’t want to hear about complicated ideas and Wall Street expectations.

You want clear, direct advice.

You’ve told us in your feedback that what you struggle with most is pulling the trigger. You need to know when to buy.

And that’s where one of Chad’s best strategies comes in. You never have to wonder about the best time to buy a stock again.

Chad has spent years developing a strategy that tells him when (down to the exact day) you should buy a stock. And — this is important — his research also tells you when you should sell a stock.

Heck, he can even tell you when it’s a good time to buy an inverse fund! (Inverse funds allow investors to bet against certain sectors. Chad wrote about them recently in Winning Investor Daily.)

We don’t ever want you to feel like you’re on your own when you’re navigating the markets. That’s why we’re excited to share Chad’s strategy with you. You can have the guidance of a Chartered Market Technician on your side.

You have no obligation to buy, but we’d like you to at least see how it works.

You can click here to see a presentation Chad’s team put together.

I promise, you won’t regret it.


Annie Stevenson

Managing Editor, Winning Investor Daily