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  • Chad Shoop’s 3 P’s system predict stocks behavior after companies announce their earnings … and it’s a revolutionary way to work smarter, not harder.
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Investors can lose a lot of money chasing big one-day moves. Don’t make the same mistake.

All you really need to do is follow a highly profitable strategy and get the chance to ride the wave of profits that it brings.

That’s what I discovered with trading around earnings announcements.

I don’t get caught up on what a stock does or has done. Whether a stock jumps 5%, 10% or 20%, it doesn’t keep me away from the trade.

You see, investors think I missed a trade when I make my move after companies announce their earnings.

But boy, are they wrong!

By jumping in after these big one-day price moves, we are still getting the chance to generate gains of 50% in a single day. We’ve even seen 100% gains in just weeks.

On occasion, we’ve seen gains that topped 300%, 400% and even 500%.

I found a way to predict a stock’s behavior after an earnings report. And I want to share how you can use my strategy to pinpoint these massive profits — even after stocks are on the move…

The 3 P’s of Identifying Winning Trades

Whether you’ve been reading my dailies regularly or you’re just starting, you’ll notice investors think the best way to place a trade is to predict how a stock will perform after an earnings announcement.

But I don’t think that’s the best way to go about it. Watch my video below to see why investors think I’m late to my trade recommendations … and why they are wrong.

You see, it all comes down to my unique method of identifying these trades.

I use three P’s:

  1. Profit Trigger.
  2. Profit Pattern.
  3. Profit Window.

Combined, they tell me everything I need to know about a trade.

Investors’ notion of being late into a trade comes from the first P: the Profit Trigger.

It points to a significant event that triggers a trade. The other two P’s — the Profit Pattern and Profit Window — give me the details about whether or not I’ll recommend the trade and how to trade it.

But my Profit Trigger is what starts the process. It’s the most important part.

And it begins when a company reports earnings. That’s the big event.

Earnings happen four times a year for every U.S. publicly traded company. These are the four most important days for a single stock — and the most important part of my system.

See, a lot of investors get caught up in trying to predict how stocks will trade when companies make their earnings reports.

They try to catch the 5%, 10% or 20% pops a stock can see in a single day. And we can’t blame them for trying to predict those moves — they could see huge returns if they get it right.

But I prefer to wait — even if people tell me I’m too late and I’ve missed the initial move.

The thing is, the move that follows the initial surge is way more predictable … and it’s still very profitable.

By jumping into a stock after a major event like earnings, we don’t have to worry about all the factors that go into that quarterly report.

We get to skip answering questions on an outcome that’s anything but certain:

  • Does the company beat, miss or meet expectations?
  • Is guidance raised or lowered?
  • How does the market react?
  • Does the CEO say anything to move the stock?
  • Are there any other surprises?

By waiting until after earnings, I use that initial price action to have a consistently profitable way to trade the stock.

And it’s an approach I urge you to consider. It will make your trading less risky — and potentially more profitable.

Make Consistent Gains Without the Complete Gamble

Before I developed my system, I couldn’t consistently make money betting on earnings. It was pure gambling.

Once I started focusing on the stocks after companies announced their earnings, I noticed it provided the type of profits I was looking for, on a more consistent basis.

My last three trade recommendations using this strategy are up 40%, 101% and 103%.

The position that is up 101% is on the electric car maker Tesla. I recommended the stock after it surged 20% on earnings last quarter.

Many investors thought the possible gains were already done.

But it didn’t stop me from recommending the trade — and after just a few weeks, we’re looking at more than 100%!

And I have a brand-new trade I’m looking to recommend this week.

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Chad Shoop, CMT

Editor, Quick Hit Profits

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