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I have a new mega trend for you — and two ways to profit from it.

But first, have you heard of a “pick-and-shovel” investment?

It’s a stock in the tools or services of an industry, not the actual product. Just like prospectors needed to use picks and shovels to find gold during the California gold rush of the 1840s and 1850s.

Today, think of buying into microchip stocks — the tech that computers, cars and AI software are built on.

In this way, data center REITs (also known as data center real estate investment trusts) are shaping up to be the AI pick-and-shovel play of 2023!

Data centers are vital to running businesses, storing their data and running their digital applications.

And artificial intelligence is now literally at the center of it.

Find out more about this mega trend (and two great investing opportunities) in today’s video…


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Hot Topics in Today’s Video:

  • Introducing: Data center demand is on the rise in 2023. And it’s all because of AI! [1:30]
  • Mega Trend: Data center REITs are now the “physical epicenter of AI.” [2:50]
  • Investing Opp. #1: Want to invest in the data center REIT space? Here’s my top recommended exchange-traded fund. [5:20]
  • Investing Opp. #2: Ian is recommending a stock that has a direct hand in building data centers in his July newsletter. Find out how you can get your hands on his new issue here.

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Chart of the Day 📈

Speaking of innovative tech, this year’s market rally has the tech industry to thank (especially in the S&P 500).

Tech & Consumer Good Fuel the 2023 Stock Rally

Consumer goods and communication services came in at a close second and third, respectively, but we have a feeling AI has been the main driver in the market rally.

Are you contributing to the AI boom we’ve been telling you about? Did you buy any AI stocks? Let us know which ones and how you’re doing at!

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