I’m sure you’ve heard this one before…

An overhyped company with rising costs and zero profits falls way short on its initial public offering (IPO).

Casper Sleep Inc. (NYSE: CSPR) is just the latest in a long string of disappointing Wall Street debuts.

First, the company slashed its pricing from a range of $17 to $19 down to $12 to $13. Then, it opened at the low range of that. Now, shares are trading below $11.

It’s the same story, different company — Uber, Lyft, SmileDirectClub. You could even include WeWork … which never got off the ground.

It all makes for very exciting headlines. But there’s a lot you don’t hear about the IPO market. And that’s what Ted and Clint discuss in today’s Your Money Matters. They give you the real scoop on IPOs … and the best places to find the most profitable ones. Because despite what you may believe, there’s a ton of opportunity out there…

This Market Is Quietly Booming

There are numerous IPO sectors with strong gains. In fact, the average gain of all companies that IPOd last year is 78% — and that includes the Ubers and Pelotons of the world.

The “secret” to uncovering the biggest winners is to find the companies that people aren’t hyping … the ones that have a real pathway to profit.

In today’s video, you’ll discover:

  • When is the right time to invest in an IPO?
  • The smartest way to play these offerings for fast, maximum profits.
  • The overlooked sector with IPOs that are outperforming the market by 162%.

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