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Energy storage costs dropped 24% globally in 2023 to a record low.

This is creating a huge investing opportunity — as the battery energy storage market is projected to grow 6X by 2030.

I’m going to explain more about this industry that’s rapidly gaining momentum.

And I’m going to give you two ways to invest: including details about Ian’s “most bankable” energy storage stock. It currently has open gains of 135%!

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🔥 Hot Topics in Today’s Video:

  • Market News: December’s jobs report is in! Will the Fed cut rates? [0:40]
  • Mega Trend: Find out what growing energy market has companies rushing to supply it! [2:05]
  • Investment Opportunity #1: Ready to invest in battery energy storage before it’s projected to grow sixfold by 2030? Consider buying shares of this exchange-traded fund. [5:45]
  • Investment Opportunity #2: One of Ian’s favorite energy storage stocks. It’s up triple-digits since May 2022 … but that could be just the start. Click here for details! [6:20]

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