Trade Alert: Exit Tyson With a 75% Gain

Yesterday, we increased the protective stop-loss order on our Tyson Foods January $55 call options to secure a 75% gain on the second half of that trade.

Those orders were triggered later that day.

That means we walked away with a 73% gain on the first half of the trade and a 75% gain on the second half — all in less than a month.

If your orders weren’t filled for any reason, go ahead and exit Tyson at the market today since we’ll no longer be following this trade in the portfolio.

This was a great example of the Earnings Drift Alert system at work. As you might remember, our calls were down by about 8% as early as last week. But Tyson’s earnings-related uptrend kicked in, handing us a quick average gain of 74%.

I’d love to know what you thought of this trade, and the gains you ended up making. So please send me your feedback at

I appreciate every note you send my way as we continue to shape this service.
Counting half positions, this has been our 18th winner out of 24. Considering our win rate, I’m excited to launch this service in full next year and grab more profit opportunities.

Until next time, good trading…

Jeff Opdyke
Editor, Earnings Drift Alert