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Trade Alert: A 50% Profit in Three Days!

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Over the weekend, the FBI cleared presidential nominee Hillary Clinton for the second time over her use of a private email server while she was secretary of state — and the market looks set to easily snap an eight-day losing streak on the news.

This shows two things: The markets are hinged on the results of the U.S. presidential election outcome. Also, the market is bullish toward a Hillary Clinton presidency and bearish toward a Donald Trump win.

The polls show the election is way too close to call, and it will likely come down to late Tuesday night for the votes to be tallied before we know who our next president is.

On Wednesday, I think this will allow the market to get out of the funk it’s been in — just meandering back and forth with no clear direction for the past six months.

That means we could see a large, quick move in either direction once the final results are tallied.

Regardless of the outcome, I expect our prime seasons to remain intact. After all, both candidates support more infrastructure spending, which bodes well for our industrial-based material provider, Freeport-McMoRan (NYSE: FCX). We’re currently up more than 4%, but the stock remains just under my buy-up-to price of $12.

As for our other two tech stocks — Seagate Technology (Nasdaq: STX) and Micron Technology (Nasdaq: MU) — both are poised to continue benefiting from the increased demand for “smart” items (think smart homes, smart cars and smart factories) and the clear path to a cloud-based world. It doesn’t matter who takes over as president of the U.S.

We’re up 4.4% in Seagate, and the stock remains a buy up to $35. Micron is down a slight 1%, but I expect it to turn around quickly as we continue down its prime season. Keep in mind we backtested the system over 10 years, and the semiconductor season generated an average gain of 17%. You can buy those shares up to $18.

Our Next Opportunities

For the remainder of November, we have three trades I’m looking to jump into based on our core Rolling and Stacking Calendar: the pharmaceutical, financial and consumer discretionary prime seasons.

My system has already identified the stock that offers the best bang for our buck in each of these trends. I’m simply waiting patiently for my buy signal to be triggered. And when it is, I’ll alert you immediately so you can take advantage of it.

First up should be the pharmaceutical trade.

There are also two other trades from our broader Automatic Profits Calendar: the broker/dealer and real estate prime seasons. Both of these are financially related, which is why we simply went with the financial sector as our core strategy. However, I’ll still keep an eye on these trades since they both offer solid returns: 15% in about four months for the broker/dealer sector and 31% in about six months for the real estate sector.

Depending on how things unfold after the election, you may hear from me sooner than next Monday. Also, our trades could be triggered at any moment, so pay close attention to your inbox this week.

That’s all for today.


Chad Shoop
Editor, Automatic Profits Alert