Trade Alert: A 147% Gain in Nvidia

This morning, our call options on Nvidia hit our stop to preserve a 150% gain. The calls first traded at $10.45, below our official $19.63 stop price. So we’re pocketing a 147% gain on the second half of Nvidia.

Remember, we closed the first half last Thursday for a 52% gain in just one day.

So great job on sticking to our strategy of locking in profits on the first half of a trade, then letting the second half run higher. That’s what allowed you to capture a 100% average gain on this position in just one week!

If your stop wasn’t hit for any reason, go ahead and close your positon at the market since I will no longer be following this trade.

This gain adds to the nice stretch of winners in our portfolio over the last two weeks — gains of 52%, 147%, 52%, 63%, 50% and today’s 147% gain. There was only one loss during that stretch, so our winners offset our loss as expected.

This has been a nice run as we near the end of our second earnings season, and I’ve been receiving from great feedback from all of you. Here are just a few of the notes that I received from last week’s survey:

Manuelito A. wrote: “I am having lots of fun!!!!”

John C. wrote: “I enjoy [Earnings Drift Alert] a lot. It has taught me how to trade options in a new way.”

Mike C. wrote: “Since starting, I’m up almost 30% overall.”

Meena S. wrote: “Thanks to you all at Banyan, I am getting the hang of the process. It’s fun and am grateful for these winners you have created.”

Thank you Manuelito, John, Mike, Meena and everyone else who took the time to write in with your thoughts. I appreciate the kind words and the time it takes to reach out about your experience with Earnings Drift Alert. So a big thank-you. And if you would like to send any additional comments about our recent trades, you can always reach me at

I try to read every note you all send my way so I can keep your feedback in mind when making our recommendations.

That’s all for today. There are still a few possible trades on my radar, and one could be as soon as tomorrow. So keep an eye on your inbox in case that alert is triggered.


Chad Shoop, CMT
Editor, Earnings Drift Alert