Hey Kings,

We had a great turnout in the Trade Room this morning…

In case you missed it, I’m running an open house from now through Thursday. If you weren’t in this morning, you missed one of the four FREE sessions. But you can still sign up by clicking this link and catch the rest of this week.

On the fence? Read on…

We saw NINE trade signals in the room this morning — highlighted by nice, quick winners in FL and NVAX.

The 48 Hour Spike scanner alerted us to the FL calls for $1.15… and these traded up to $1.45 this morning for a sweet 26% gain.

Then the ShortSqueeze scanner signaled NVAX calls for $.71, and those hit $0.83 shortly after, giving us a possible gain of 17%.

I also called an official signal this morning in CHPT.

That trade is already a success, and Ray was able to make a quick 17% just 10 minutes after I announced the trade:

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So, I hope some of you newcomers who joined the Trade Room for the open house were able to have some fast success on your very first day.

To be fair, there is a bit of a learning curve, as I move pretty fast trying to keep up with over 20 different scanners.

So, if you felt overwhelmed or confused, don’t worry… that’s only natural starting out.

For a slower-paced experience, don’t forget that you have access to coaching sessions in the same Trade Room every day at 12 noon and 3 PM EST. Bryan Klindworth, a student-turned teacher of mine, hosts those every weekday.

Like with most skills in life, practice and repetition are the very best ways to learn.

Joining Bryan for his training sessions is highly recommended. He goes over every signal we saw during the opening bell, and he’ll help you learn how and why we follow unusual option flow the way we do.

He’s helped turn rookies into pros in a matter of months!

Speaking of pros, one of our longtime Trade Room members, Tim, shared the success he’s been having trading puts this morning:

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Great trading, Tim!

As you probably know, I lean pretty bullish overall, but lately, I’ve been recommending puts along with calls, as my approach had to change a bit to reflect the recent volatility…

And Tim, like many others, is benefitting from that adjustment.

There’s an entire community of traders just like Tim who are navigating this market with me in the Trade Room every day.

I think we’re going to have an absolutely great week in the Trade Room, and I look forward to seeing all of you back in there tomorrow!

If you weren’t able to make today’s session, the open house will still be running throughout the rest of the week, ending on Thursday afternoon at market close.

To access the Trade Room – for FREE – until Thursday, click here for special access.

Now, let’s get to my watchlist and free trade for this week.

The Kings Corner Weekly Watchlist

As the NASDAQ and Dow start the week in decline, I like buying low and hoping for a small rally throughout the rest of the week.

If that does indeed happen, here’s what I like this week:

  • Apple Inc (AAPL)
  • Occidental Petroleum Corporation (OXY)
  • ChargePoint Holdings Inc (CHPT)
  • Digital Turbine Inc (APPS)

My free trade idea is to:

Buy APPS October 21, 2022 $15 calls (for $0.33 at the time of writing).

Remember, we won’t be tracking this free trade idea on any online portfolio. So, if you take it, you’re on your own.

But we’ve had success with these free ideas now four weeks in a row.

If this streak keeps up, and this idea makes profits of 50% or more, you should consider getting out of it for a decent gain.

And if you make money on this or any idea shared in the Trade Room this week, email me at TradeKings@banyanhill.com and tell me all about it.

I love seeing so many new folks in the Trade Room, let’s keep it up!

Happy trading,

Andrew KeeneEditor, Kings Corner