The market has been volatile lately.

Up a quarter percent one week, down 3% the next. Up 4% the next week… And so far this week, basically unchanged.

On the surface, this feels like normal functioning market behavior.

But I’ve observed the ups and downs aren’t spread out evenly. Some stocks are taking a bigger beating than others.

Meanwhile, only a handful are carrying the market higher…

Analysts call this the market “breadth.” In a strong bull trend, you want a majority of stocks participating. The fewer the stocks going up, the weaker the trend.

In markets like this, following the broad indexes will just whip you around and take you nowhere.

Instead, it pays to dig up the outlier stocks. The stocks making outsized moves, up or down, in spite of broad market conditions.

So in today’s Quick Takes video, I’ll run through five outlier stocks that are making investors queasy…

These stocks are taking massive dives or sharply running higher. Moves like these make traders unsure of which way to bet next.

But the answer is always sitting there in the price chart, waiting for you to find it.

So that’s just what we’ll do.

We’ll break down the price charts of five stocks undergoing volatile moves, that ALL ended up on my Bank It list.

That means these are companies that I expect to head higher in the coming months.

Easy now. That doesn’t mean I expect them to produce your next moonshot, 1,000% return.

But for an options trader, I’ll give you plenty of key levels to watch and potential trade setups for these outlier companies.

And that’s what my videos are all about… Spotting the key areas to watch so you have the tools you need to profit.

Whether it’s a potential turning point or an overpowering trend, we’ll pick it up in my Quick Takes videos as we do some technical analysis.

You’ll notice that sometimes, even the overall trend is worth betting against. But don’t make it a habit.

The trend is your friend. And that’s why stocks heading higher are your best friend (you’ll see one of those today).

To get a full breakdown, check out the video below.

Shoutouts to Sunny, Cassidy, Jaimie, Pamela, and Spencer for sending in their stock ideas for this week’s video.

We got a ton of submissions, of course. And I want to thank everyone who took the time to send in their tickers. I can’t cover everything we get in one video, but rest assured I added them to my watchlist for future videos.

If you have any stocks on your radar you want me to break down with my analysis in the coming weeks, just send us an email to


Chad Shoop

Chad Shoop
Editor, Quick Hit Profits

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Chart of the Day:
Take My Breadth Away

By Mike Merson, Managing Editor, True Options Masters

These 5 Outlier Stocks Should Be on Every Trader’s Watchlist

(Click here to view larger image.)

Today’s chart is a little bit different…

We’re looking at a performance comparison of the S&P 500 (orange line), and the portion of stocks within the S&P 500 trading above their 200-day moving averages (S5TH).

As you can see, from the start of 2021, the number of stocks within the S&P 500 trading above their long-term trends has gone basically nowhere. Meanwhile, the S&P 500 has risen about 20% this year.

Like Chad mentioned earlier, it’s important to measure the market “breadth.” It’s a critical gauge to see how healthy a market trend is.

And when fewer stocks are participating in long-term bullish trends, that’s a hugely bearish divergence. Poor breadth makes for a vulnerable market environment.

And when you consider that just five stocks — Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL), Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT), Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN), Facebook (NASDAQ: FB), and Alphabet (NASDAQ: GOOG) — make up more than 20% of the S&P 500…

Well, it paints an even uglier picture.

Unless market breadth improves, you want to be on guard with your portfolio. Any major sign of weakness from the market titans could spell serious downside.


Mike Merson
Managing Editor, True Options Masters