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The options world is rife with fakers, scammers, and nobodies, each trying to sell you on some defunct “get rich quick” strategy.

But here at True Options Masters, we’re proud to publish quality research from some of the best options experts in the world.

Reading TOM will get you actionable trade ideas, a world-class options education, and a unique macro perspective you won’t find anywhere else — all in one. 

Every single day, you’ll get unique options insights from Mike Carr, CMT, CFTE and his protégé Amber Hestla. They’ll share their conservative trading strategies that both beat the market and generate consistent income. And you’ll learn these strategies through the lens of their 40+ years of combined military and intelligence experience.   

Whether you’re an options pro or a complete beginner, True Options Masters is designed to be the most valuable newsletter to hit your inbox every morning. By reading it, you will learn how to look at the world through the eyes of a real options expert.

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A Bear Market Revolution Years in the Making A Bear Market Revolution Years in the Making
by Michael Carr November 15, 2022 True Options Masters
I've been working on a bear market trading method for years. This year, it's made more money than I ever thought possible.
Just Another Bear Market Rally Just Another Bear Market Rally
by Michael Carr November 14, 2022 True Options Masters
Last week's big move was not the end of the bear market. In fact, it was just another typical bear market rally...
What the Midterms Showed Us What the Midterms Showed Us
by Michael Carr November 11, 2022 True Options Masters
The midterm elections are behind us, with neither side really satisfied. Here's what we can take away from this as traders...
“Trickle-Up Pain” Is Coming to the Stock Market Inflation has always been a problem. It’s just usually a quieter problem...
Does This Line Signal a 16-Year Bear Market? Worst case scenario, we’re looking at a decade-plus of lower stock prices. That’s the bad news. And I’ll show exactly how we get to that conclusion in today’s issue...
Batter Up! Kings 1, Market 0 Trading the market is a lot like being the manager of a baseball team. As traders, we can’t let one single trade made or break us. We need to compound winner after winner. Baseball’s much the same...
Analysts Are WRONG About 2023 Earnings Let me be perfectly clear: This bear is NOT over. The bottom is NOT in. And Wall Street analysts are painting a dangerous picture for any investor naïve enough to listen to them...
Click Away, Kings Bryan Klindworth, my right-hand man, said something in his noon coaching session today that I’d like to touch on… He said, “Every headline you see, no matter which website it comes from, is designed to do one thing, and one thing only: Get you to CLICK!”
Making Swiss Cheese Out of Economist Ideas I’ve read a lot of books on the markets. Most won’t teach you anything you don’t already know. A rare few hold insights you’ll never forget. And some books are so wrong, they unintentionally lead you to an opposite strategy that actually works well...
How I Countertraded the Dot-Com Bubble I like to give Warren Buffett a hard time. He says “buy fear.” I say “buy greed”… But there’s one thing I can’t knock Buffett for: His integrity in the face of exuberant market conditions...
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