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In the options world there are a lot of fakers, spammers, scammers and nobodies, each trying to sell you on some defunct “get rich quick” strategy.

At True Options Masters, we are proud to publish content directly from some of the best options experts in the world.

Each day, you will hear from Mike Carr CFTe CMT and Chad Shoop CMT. Both have earned the highest designations an options master can hold.

They will tell you what they see happening in the options market every week. You’ll also discover which stocks they’re eyeing for profits, as well as other short-term trading opportunities.

Whether you’re an options pro or a complete beginner, there’s useful content here for everybody. You will learn how to look at the world through the eyes of a real options expert.

It’s 100% free to sign up.

Recent True Options Masters Articles

Unusual Options Activity A Deep Out-of-the-Money Bet on Yext This Week’s Unusual Options Activity: A Deep Out-of-the-Money Bet on Yext This trader is betting $200,000 that Yext, Inc. (NYSE: YEXT) will rise 80% by January. This would mean a 1,000% gain on their call options.
When it Comes to Investing, Conventional Wisdom is for Suckers When it Comes to Investing, Conventional Wisdom Won’t Help You Retire To know what everyone knows is to know nothing. Mike Carr reveals why conventional wisdom won't help you retire, and what you can do about it.
Quick Takes AMD Square Peloton Intel Teradyne Stocks 5 Quick Takes: Peloton, Intel, AMD, Teradyne and Square Options expert Chad Shoop CMT offers his quick take on five stocks based on their price charts: Square, Intel, AMD, Teradyne and Peloton.
Why You Need to Trade Options If You Ever Want to Retire Why You Need to Trade Options If You Ever Want to Retire The U.S. has a retirement problem. If you want a chance to match your income in retirement, you need to learn how to trade options.
Tech stocks fall in June June Is Bad for Tech Stocks June is historically the worst year for tech stocks. Here's exactly when you should buy put options on Apple and Alphabet this summer.
unusual options trading post This Week’s Unusual Options Activity: Three $1 Million Bets to Bank On The markets are closed for the Memorial Day holiday, but it doesn’t mean there’s not a lot going on. Last week, we saw a ton of unusual options activity. Unusual options activity is traders making big bets outside of earnings plays. It’s common to see big bets around earnings because earnings can be a catalyst […]
options trading myths post Busting Two Myths About Options: It Pays to Lose, and Simple Works I’m going to tell you something you don’t want to hear but you need to hear it. One of the keys to successful trading is being comfortable losing. That’s difficult for many aspiring traders to accept. For some reason, traders think they need to have high win rates. That’s not true. But rather than prove […]
BITI Peloton thumbnail Bank It or Tank It: Peloton! (Why Price Matters More Than Fundamentals) Fundamentals aren’t everything. By their very nature, they are backwards looking. It’s made up of data from months ago that we are just now hearing about. Sales, earnings, profit margins, growth patterns are all old data. Price is the only current metric we have in the market. But, too many people ignore it. The fundamentals […]
3 Keys to a Profitable Strategy (4-minute read) There’s no “one size fits all” approach when it comes to trading options. But our expert, Chad Shoop, will share three high-level ways to find consistent profits.
The Buy-and-Hold Approach to Buying Options (4-minute read) Here’s what we can learn from Reddit and the GameStop mania. The good news is that we don’t have to take these kinds of risks to make big gains. Read more…
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