Last year’s favorite stocks continued their meltdown yesterday as bond yields jumped to a new high for the year. Tesla has now lost 25% in one month!

This time, the Federal Reserve has fewer tools, and less incentive, to come to the rescue.

But even as the big-name tech stocks lead the market down, there are plenty of opportunities for us. Today, I’ll tell you where to look as the market adjusts to a new reality. It’s not as simple as selling tech and buying cyclical stocks.

To find the stocks to profit from this market rotation, you must heed the three pieces of advice I share with you today.

Watch to discover:

  • The chart of the Nasdaq 100 Index that signals more tech losses ahead. (7:11–8:52)
  • The surprising comparison between non-tech and tech stocks’ valuations that every investor should know. (8:52–12:50)
  • Which types of stocks you should NOT buy on this dip. (12:50–16:19)

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