It’s been quite a week here at Winning Investor Daily. That’s because it was our annual predictions series.

Every year, our experts dig into market and economic trends before presenting you with their best educated guesses about what’s coming in the next year.

This week, the topics ranged from space and crypto to small-cap stocks, the metaverse and cannabis.

If you missed anything this week, check out the recaps below.

And stick around after that — we need your help with next Saturday’s edition!

Winning Investor Daily 2022 Predictions

2022 space and metaverse predictions5 Bold Predictions for 2022 and Beyond

Ian King: “The two biggest growth themes will be in places that most people will never physically reach: space and the metaverse.”

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two investment predictions for 20222 Major Predictions for 2022

Steve Fernandez: “First, the crypto market will continue to grow exponentially. I see it doubling to $5 trillion in 2022.”

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metaverse investment opportunitiesProfit From the Metaverse Frenzy in 2022

Andrew Prince: “Grand View Research expects the AR market to grow from $25 billion this year to $36 billion in 2022. […] I think this is way too conservative an estimate. I believe this market will easily double by the end of 2022.”

For Andrew’s full essay, click here.

legal cannabis 20224 Reasons We’ll Finally Legalize Cannabis in 2022

Jay Goldberg: “68% of Americans now support cannabis reform. Even most Texas Republicans now support it. And it’s already fully legal in 18 states. Whether or not you like it, cannabis reform is coming soon.”

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Give Us Your Predictions!

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Now we want to hear from you!

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