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The 2020 Sh*tshow Is Ending … Top Market Sectors to Watch

The 2020 Sh*tshow Is Ending … Top Market Sectors to Watch

The stock market is riding a wave of high prices — and high volatility — into the end of the year. But investors face unprecedented risks.

It’s not just the resurgence of COVID-19 and uncertainty in Washington. There’s also a ticking bond market time bomb set for the incoming Biden administration.

In today’s installment of Your Money Matters, Ted and Clint Lee show you which sectors to avoid, which sectors are set to rebound … and one of the best stock plays for the end of 2020 and beyond.

Choose Wisely 

Some beaten down sectors offers smart value plays. Others that took a hit in 2020 are value traps. Watch this week’s Your Money Matters to find out which ones are which. You’ll also discover:

  • The chart that could mean very good news for the stock market’s last few months of the year.
  • One reason you need to be cautious despite a bullish mood on Wall Street.
  • The three sectors that are down on the year … and the only one of them that is a great value play.
  • Investors are overlooking this ticking time bomb that could blow up the stock market.
  • The best investment play to get in on as we close out the year.

To watch the video, click here or click on the image below:

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